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Family Pedigree

Alexander McCurdy came to Ireland from Scotland with Wm III to the battle of Boyne 1690. Was married to Mary Sharp and settled in the Parrish of Billy Antrim Co, Ireland

David McCurdy, Alexanders youngest child married Nancy Laughlin, daughter of James Laughlin and Ellen Young who were also of Scotch descent. Their family consisted of four boys and 3 girls. Two of their sons Alexander and James died in Childhood. Ellen and Mary also died young. Jane their eldest daughter was born May 1st 1793 and was married to Archibald McCurdy May 1st 1813 who with his brother John, emigrated to Canada in the year 1817 their wives

followed in 1819 and both families settled near Sherbrooke in the Township of Ascot. 

David McCurdy, son of Alexander died Nov. 4th 1834 aged 68.
Nancy Laughlin his wife died Mar. 6th 1848 aged 81.
James son of David died Apr. 1810 aged 9.
Ellen daughter of David died June 25th 1817 aged 21.
Mary died Mar 10th 1827 aged 28
Archibald McCurdy son of George McCurdy and Eliza Sinagan of the county of Antrim died in Township of Ascot Canada, October 7th in the year 1869 aged 94 years + 8 months
Jane McCurdy his wife and 

Daughter of David McCurdy died in Ascot Nov 17th 1876 aged 83 years and 6 months

John Mccurdy -- Son of George McCurdy County of Antrim died June 1858 aged 85 He was Archibalds Brother

Children of Archibald McCurdy + Jane McCurdy
James McCurdy Born Feb 21st 1814 died 1895 Feby 11th aged 81
Eleanor Born April 13th 1820 - Died May 13th 1900 aged 80 + 1 month 1911
David Born Aug 29th 1822 Died Nov 5th aged 84 years 2 months + 7 days (1911)
Eliza McCurdy Born Oct 28th 1824 died Feb 29th 1842 Aged 17 years 4 months 1 day
Mary an Born April 15th 1826 died jan 29th 1944 aged 17 years 9 months 14 day
Jane Born Nov 1st 1829 Died Jan 23rd 1883 aged 53 years 2 months 22 days
John McCurdy Born Jan 27th 1831

Nancy Margaret Born May 7th 1838 - died Jan 23rd 1888 aged 49 years 9 months 16 day
Died of canser in the nose + mouth
Nancy's Jennie was born Fb 21st 1872
              only daughter
Hugh died about Oct 15 1875

James married to Margaret Mitchell Sept 1, 1847 
Nancy M married to Hugh McFaddin Jan 19 1870
John married Sept Aug 20 1871 to Delia Gamsby

June 27 Nancy went to Montreal for advice
July 5 Nancy went to Montreal and had an operation July 6
July 15 Nancy came home
  "    17 was taken sick for a day or two
Aug 3 Amatru went to the Hill
  "    6 came home
  "    16 Nancy went to Montreal for another operation on 17

(This is followed by two pages of news clippings including the obituaries for Eleanor McCurdy, Margaret (Mitchell) McCurdy and David McCurdy)

Record of John McCurdy + Family
John McCurdy Born in Sherbrooke Province of Quebec June 27th 1831
Married Aug 30th 1871 to Mis Cordelia Louisa Gamsby Born in CookeshireProvince of Quebec Dec 5th 1850

Their Children - Ida May McCurdy born Aug 6th 1872 - Married T.H. Wilkinson Sept 8th 1872 Their children
Eugene Henry Born June 29th 1898
Raymond Glen Born March 22nd 1900
Merriam Malvina Born Sept 18th 1905
Robert Born Dec 22nd 1909
4 Son Born Nov 26, 1912 Douglas

Cordelia Louisa Born June 28th 1881 -
Her first Son Born Walter Oct 17th 1910 - 2nd son 
3 son Clarence John Born April 16th 1913
Daughter Eleanora Cordelia Born

Mary Melvina Born July 19th 1876 
married lucien Payne June 27th 1905
He was born
Their first son Born Vernon Born Dec 10th 1907
Daughter Elizabeth Born Aug 21st 1911
2nd Son Born Jan 11th 1915

Ethel Estella Born July 17th 1878
Married to E. A. Parks Aug 28th 1907
First Daughter Born June 19th 1908
Died in 10 day of spasms
Son Albert Born June 22nd 1911
Daughter Francis Lucila Born May 25th 1913

Married Barnerd Fred Fixsen March 20th 1907
Born Orinan Born Jan 30th 1912
Jan 31st 1915

John McCurdy Born Jan 27th 1831 Cordelia L. McCurdy 
Married Bernard Fred Fixsen
Mar 10 1907
Died Apr 9 _ 1922. Her
Children are First Son Born Oct 17 - 1910
His name Walter
Second Son
Orman Bernard Born
Jan 30 - 1912
           Third Son
Clarence John Born Apr 16 1913
Elenor Cordelia Born
Jan 31- 1915
This document was transcribed from a family pedigree thought to be handwritten by John McCurdy. All spelling and grammar are verbatum. Kurt Wilkinson, May 11, 1999.