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All those little letters in a dogs name. What do they mean?

CH = Champion in conformation, which means the dog conforms to the breed standard according to at least 3 judges.

Obedience titles ASCA and AKC

CD = Companion Dog, which is a novice obedience titles, which includes heeling on leash and stays
CDX = Companion Dog Excellent, which is an open obedience title, a dog has to fetch a dumbbell, take a jump with it, heel, and long stays out of site.

UD = Utility Dog, which is an advanced obedience title, a dog has to take directed jumps, find a dumbbell in a group that has the handlers most recent scent and fetch gloves.

UDX = Utility Dog Excellent
OTCH = Obedience Trial Champion, a dog with this title is the cream of the crop in obedience, very few dogs ever attain this title.

Rally titles ASCA and AKC

RN = Rally Novice, this is the lowest title in rally and typically a dog most move around the course with the handler on leash under reasonable control.
RNX = Rally Novice X, only in ASCA, this title means the scores were over 195 to earn the title out of 200 points.

RA = Rally Advanced, this is the middle of rally, now off leash the dog and handler must manuever through a course similar to the Novice one, but again off leash, there is usually one jump.

RAX = Rally Advanced X, only in ASCA, this title means the scores were over 195 to earn the title out of 200 points.

RE = Rally Excellent, this is the top of the rally titles in AKC, handler and dog manuever through the course without a leash, there is usually 2 jumps.

REX = Rally Excellent X, only in ASCA, this title means the scores were over 195 to earn the title out of 200 points.

RM = Rally Masters, only in ASCA, the dog and handler are off leash and the course tends to be set up more like training for open and utility obedience training. Very limited verbal communication with dog. This is really showing off that dog and handler are working as a team!

RMX = Rally Masters X, only in ASCA, this title means the scores were over 195 to earn the title out of 200 points.

In ASCA there are also these root rally titles with a C behind them which means the dog is entered in the C class. When entered in this class you can stay their indefinately, but can not get HIT.

REM = Rally Excellent Masters, A dog must qualify in Excellent and Masters at the same trial.

REMX = Rally Excellent Masters X, only in ASCA, this title means the scores were over 195 to earn the title out of 200 points.

RTX = Rally Trial X, which means a dog has earned its RNX, RAX, REX, REMX.

RTCH = Rally Trial Champion. Highest award a dog can get in rally in ASCA.

RAE = Rally Advanced Excellent. AKC's version of REM.

HIT = High in Trial, which means this dog had the highest score of all dogs at the trial.

HITA = High In Trial Aussie, must do the same as HIT, but be and Australian Shepherd.

Agility titles ASCA, as AKC is different

RS-N = Regular Standard- Novice, RS stands for the regular class, N stands for Novice. regular agility is all the jumps, tunnels, a ramp, a see saw, a dog walk all combined on one course.

RS-O = Same as above, O = Open, but it is now fromt he open class and the courses get trickier and more detailed.

RS-E, same as above, E =but in the highest level in ASCA Elite! The courses are harder to handle a dog as their are more turns and handling, communication must be very good!!!

JS-E, JS means Jumpers Standard, this contains only jumps and a few tunnels. N, O and E are the levels again.

GS-E, GS means Gamblers Standard, this is a course where you can take any obstacle in any order to earn points ( I do reccommend and so will most people that you find a path) however, the last 4 obstacles are the gamble, the judge makes up which 4 and which order they may be done in. Also each level has how many points you must earn in each level and the gamble also has a tape which you must stay on the other side of as you direct your dog to take each of those obstacels in order and with a time limit!!!
N, O and E are the levels again. ATCH = Agility Trial Championship. Many, many, many legs are earned to get this title!!

Agility titles AKC

NA = Novice Agility, similar to RS-N, but AKC's courses tend to be tighter.

OA = Open Agility

NAJ = Novice Agility Jumpers, similar to JS-N, again tighter turns to each jump.

OAJ = Open Agility Jumpers.

NF = Novice Fast, similar to GS-N.

OF = Open Fast.

MACH = Masters Agility Champion.

Other recognized accomplishments

CGC = Canine Good Citizen certificate. Basic structure of a good mannered pet in a public situation with strangers.

TDI = Therapy Dog. A Therapy Dog is a dog with an outstanding temperament.

There are many, many more titles in these venues as well as other registries. Hopefully I will have more time to get them in here and explain them.