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Code Keys & Amateur Radio

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WA0F Station

A general view of the station. The Icom 756 Pro, speaker and accessories are to one side of the operating position.

Operating Keys

A few of the straight keys set by the 2 monitors. The keys are WW2 and newer types. 7 keys are shown ready for use at the opearting position. Six of the keys are staight keys. The MFJ Paddle keyer is shown to the right. All the keys are plugged into a device that connects to the Icom-756 Pro.

Key Display

Straight keys are my preferred type for use at the operating position. I also have the MFJ paddle key used mostly for contests when a little more speed is needed.

Vibroplex Key

I have found most of the keys comfortable to operate. For short durations these keys work very well.
I think every code key offers something unique to an amateurs station.
Many keys offer history while the newer ones add to a "style" shown in worksmanship.

Vibroplex & Bencher Keys

IC 756 Pro

Heil Goldline Microphone

From time to time I will update information.

Thanks for visiting visiting my webpage.
73's de WA0F-Mark.

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