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Code Keys

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GMPO key

This is another of the LTA keys. The mini-key handles well for CW contacts.

Bencher Key

I have used the Bencher key for a few years. The key is one of my favorites. With so many keys out there, this key has a high quality solid feel by comparison.

Vibroplex Key

The Vibroplex Key was added in May of 2004 while at Dayton Ohio Hamfest. After some adjustments I found the key to be comfortable to use.

German T-1 Key

A German T-1 Key aka "Siemens Key" was a commonly used key for the German military in WW2. On top of the cover a warning in German meaning "Unplug before opening cover". The key rests on a rubber pad which keeps the key in place while operating.

Westclox key

I use the Westclox key in portable use. A Kenwood TS-50 and tuner along with the key work well. This key was made in the US on contract to the Canadian military.

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