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6BTV Vertical Antenna

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Hustler 6BTV vertical
The vertical anenna is very effective. I put 41 20' radilals at the base. I've been using the antenna since fall of '09.
Results are better than I expected from a vertical. Receive is equal to or better than the small beam at the site.
I have made several 40M DX contacts and stateside contacts are no problem for most part.
Using the MFJ antenna analyser the vertical is resonate over most of the bands. The antenna
can be used without a tuner.

Hustler 6BTV Vertical
Upper traps with 40/80M on top.

6BTV vertical with 17M add on kit

6BTV vertical with 17M add on kit

Tilt Base for vertical showing vertical feedline choke kit

Tilt-over base with 41 radials attached below. Showing 4 release knobs for bringing antenna down.

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