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As member number 1736 of the FISTS CW Club,
I receive a publication about
the use of CW and related information.
The club originated in England.
Nancy Kott Hadley Mi. is in charge of the US section.

British 8 Amp keys

Shown are 5 types of British 8 Amp keys commonly used during WW2. One can still find them at hamfests.
The British Forces used these keys in various radio sets including the Fullerphone. The keys were produced in other parts of the world as well.

Code Key Collection & display

The keys displayed above are part of those that have been collected over the past 16 years.
Some keys are from hamfests others from dealer purchases. Other keys have been received as gifts.

British Kent Key

One of two British Kent Keys This is a solid straight key.
These keys can be bought in assembled or kit form.

Boston Key/German Junker Key

The upper key is the Boston Key. Dave W5FZ got this while at the 2005 Dayton Hamfest.
The other key is a German Junker leg key that I got at the 2005 Dayton Hamfest.

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