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Skye McCaig

My name is Skye and I'm a Cairn Terrier.
I was born December 17 1995 in an Iowa Puppy Mill
Eight weeks later my "Mom" adopted me from a store
and I began my new life.

In July 2003 I was diagnosed with diabetes. My
big cat brother T.S. was also diagnosed with the
same diseased. All I know is that I was real
tired, thirsty and hungry all the time.
Since then I get shots twice a day and mommy does
something to my ears once in a while that she calls
"Testing Blood Sugar". It's a royal pain in the
ears!! I'm doing okay as long as you don't
consider my partial blindness an issue.
I don't! I sometimes run into things when
I'm walking but mom's there to give me words
of comfort and encouragement and off I go.

Life is good!

This Way to Family Pictures

You Make the Bed!
I'm not much help in making beds;
I just like to sleep in them and hog the pillow.
In the winter I wait until Mommy gets up and then I steal her place.
You really can't blame me as it nice and toasty.

What's for Me!
I search and I search but I just can't see
Is there anything under here that's meant for me?
It's really tough when you can't read
So I just sit here and look sad beside the tree
Merry Christmas!