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My name is Oban McCaig.
When I was just a pup I became very sick after
recieving a lime vaccine booster.
My mom took me to see the vet and they took a lot
of blood. I had to take pills
(called prednisone) for a year and boy did it make
me hungry. My Aunt constantly called me a pudge
pup. I'm not exactly sure what she meant but I'm
fairly sure it isn't complimentary. On top of the
blood disorder I'd developed problems with my knee
and had to have surgery. It's amazing that I became
such a healthy guy but I'm perfectly
fine now.

For a Maltese, I'm not a normal size.
I'm twice the normal size! This is actually a good
thing because Skye is such a brute and I do need
to defend myself. The good news is that I'm still
lap size although I'm still having trouble keeping
out of George's way. Talk about big!
I could ride on his back and still have room for Skye.
He gets a little too excited when we are on
our walk and has a tendency to take me out.
I've seen him send Skye rolling. Glad it was her
and not me. I sometimes prefer to be carried.
My Aunt will say "Oban, do you want me to carry you?"
and I'll run up and put my front paws on her legs.
She calls it my 'pick me up' act. I don't care what
it's called, I just know it works for me.
More later.

On April 2, 2006 Oban left this world and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
It was sudden but not entirely unexpected.
After a 2 1/2 year battle with an enlarged heart
and a pinch trachea, Obi Wan (as our neighbor affectionately called him)
died of Congestive Heart Failure at approximately 11:30pm.

Oban was never your typical Maltese. He was ever the rough and tumble boy.
He'd no sooner come home from the groomers then try and roll around on the garage floor.
Obi liked to wrestle and we would start each morning out with a wrestling match on the bed.

It is now April 4th and I still feel that I will wake up
and Oban will be there ready to start the day.
He will be greatly missed by everyone!

It's strange now with him gone. We don't even feel his presence in the house like we did when George and T.S. died. He has truely left us.