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Benny Hinn - Saving The Lost At Any Cost

Yesterday (Saturday, September 4th 2004), I attended a "once in a blue moon" "Benny Hinn Crusade" in Minneapolis' Target Center with my housemate-Tom C. We arrived around 3:30pm (30 minutes or so after the doors opened), which the crowds were already packed! Once we got into our seats (Section 133), we listened to the MC share about the background of this crusade (this crusade was made possible by "Spiritual Life Church", who was the host church-located in Brooklyn Center, MN). Also, Benny's brother Henry is planning to speak at this host church Sunday (this morning). The MC shared that 110 churches helped plan this crusade; along with 380+ volunteers, which 70 had to be turned away earlier in the afternoon.

Waiting with Anticipation

It was around 4pm when Tom and I settled down in our seats. While waiting, I chatted with a guy sitting next to me. His name is Ray, who went on a busload (as many others) from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Then one of the volunteers-usher was sitting behind me, which he shared how he was born and raised in Nigeria. He attends Universal Christian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Then a familiar person was walking up the stairs, which I was suprised to see. It was Laura, an international student from Kenya, who used to attend UMM. Our eyes just grew as we unexpectedly saw each other in this huge event.

A politician (Tim Tingelstad) person running for Minnesota State Supreme Court Justice took advantage of this time prior to this event campaigning. He walked up the stairs of the Target Center passing out his card.

Let's Get Ready!

The worship music began, which the huge colorful (blue, white) choir started to sing some hymms (e.g. "How Great thou Art") and ohter popular "praise&worship" songs (e.g. "Glorify your name in all the earth")

During the worship time, I got this personal revelation:

"TARGET (as the Target Center)"-pouring of the Holy Spirit in this particular area
-TARGET who to reach...
-TARGET where to reach...
-TARGET when to reach...
-TARGET how to reach...
-TARGET why to reach...
*read evangelism

Other worship songs...
-"Majesty...worship thy majesty...Jesus the majesty"
-"OH Him every clap.."

Benny Shares

In the middle of the worship time, Benny helped the audience remember Who this event is for..."people didn't come to see a preacher, but to hear Your voice..." as he prayed. After the worship, he confess that he didn't expect to see this many people (close to a "full" pact arena, which some seating was closed due to construction-16,000 seating capacity). This is the first time their crusade ever did a 2-day (Saturday and Sunday only, instead of Fri, Sat, and Sun) crusade. IN fact, he expected only 10,000 or less (6,000 almost packed the lower level within an hour after the doors opened)! Then he shared an awesome testimony God is doing through his Missions Crusade in India. About 4.8 million showed up to a recent crusade there at this particular state (forgot which one) he was at. On Sept 30th of this year, he plans to minister to 353 leaders (religious and political), which he asked us for our prayers. Then on Nov 13th, he plans to share in Tel Aviv, Israel.

BREAK-John Stanza sang "O' Jerusalem...hossanna in the highest....I had a dream....

Sermon: "Salvation" Message ("Greatest Miracle") by Benny

Benny shared on verses Romans 3:23..Romans Road verses...Romans 6...and the #4 Steps
1) Personal Relationship
2) Face to face encounter-never turns away from Him
3) Confess He's Christ (Romans 10:9)
4) Declare Christ publicly

Benny then challenged folks on this 4th step by having them come up front in the main floor if anyone wanted to take this salvation invitation. Floods of people made their way down as the choir sang ("Victory", "Look What the Lord Has done..", JEsus is Alive"...

After Benny led all of us into the salvation prayer, he invited local pastor-Lowell Lundstrom to say a few words. Then Benny publicized an up-coming Pastor's Conference in Dallas, TX on Oct 27th-28th (?), which he shared the need of providing insurance (health, life, etc..) for pastors in this nation. Then he would get the dominant Minnesota audience pumped up after sharing a prophetic word he gave about Minnesota in 1999-"A revival movement will begin in Minnesota that will spread to the east coast..." at a crusade in Long Beach, California-cool huh! Benny confessed that he didn't remember giving this until one of his staff played a previously recorded taped of this, which he planned to show this on Sunday (today-didn't make it).

Praise Reports of Healing
*see GoodnewsEverbody: Ministry-Healing

Benny then told the audience to "get ready" for "physical" healing, which we entered in worship ("Glory to the Lamb", "Halleluah", etc...)! During this time, God gave me another revelation of more of the TARGET sign. I drew this in my notebook (look at the Target stor symbol) and put the TARGET in the Twin Cities in the map of Minneosta (also felt putting it in Morris)! I then drew the rivers (Red River going NORTH, Mississippin R. going SOUTH), lakes (Lake Superior going EAST), and then internationally known-Rochester's Mayo Clinic....

-Rhumotoid Arthritis (see elderly)
Unbeliever Received God's Power during Benny Hinn Crusade

"Awesome video from the Benny Hinn Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade in Washington DC. in 2002 "
*more from this user

{Share Your Healing Story}

....more stories on healing


Benny Hinn - Three Dimensions of the Anointing (1)

"Benny Hinn teaches on the three dimensions of the anointing. The recent Fire Conference, held at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, was highly anticipated by people who gathered to learn how to minister more effectively during the coming days. Praise and worship music filled the auditorium, and the messages touched hearts of people from throughout the United States and several foreign counties. Detroit is an exciting, vibrant, picturesque place to be any time of the year, but excitement spread with word that Benny Hinn Ministries would be holding a Fire Crusade there. A great multitude attended the recent event at the, unleashing a faith-filled atmosphere of expectation for miracles. On this remarkable program, you will be in the midst the audience as they receive a powerful, faith-building teaching concerning the anointing, and you will see God work mightily among those who attended the recent crusade that continues to impact those who attended. "

I felt that God was telling me Minnesota will not just be know for their health care system, but also their spiritual physical healing miracles soon! Ironically, a lady would share during the testimony time (down below) of Mayo Clinic! Then the song...


was sang during the healing worship service, which I then look at the TARGET sign and filled it in-a "whole" ball instead of the original TARGET sign with circles/wholes!

Also, during the anointed healing service time, God layed in my heart to make a list of people with physical ailments and "calling out to Jesus" to heal them.

-Tom C. (Hancock, MN) feels his back was healed-"it doesn't hurt anymore"
-Sal M. (Morris, MN) "My current medical situation (personal) seem to have gotten better, which I was asking the Lord to personally touch during the healing prayer time"
9/7/04: I'm writing to you another praise report after this crusade event. I asked God to show his power through me yesterday morning at work (group home) as He did at the Target Center. I told God that I want to see His power working not just through a once in a "blue moon" event, but everyday 24/7. God did! I asked God to give me a prophetic word of a co-worker while working (6-10a shift). He told me a general background of this co-worker, which I then asked her about her family. She told me exactly what God told me! Cool-huh! THis led to an awesome conversation abouty her family's background, which she opened up more about her personal family's struggles. I was able to share a little bit of God's word-a seed at a time. I'll try to follow-up on this...(stay tuned and please keep me in prayer)!
-Eric B. (Montevideo, MN)) "felt shaking and started to convulse, and something came out (feels it was his spirit of fear of evangelsm) of his stomach"

-depresssion after car accident went away
-2 females (one with a head cover-loss of hair due to chemotherapy possibly/likely) shared, which one of them feels here cancer left her!
-an african american many slipped on ice and had to wear a roller cup in injured shoulder (took it off!) and is now able to move it freely!
-heart disease left (a church attendee at Newl Life Christian Church in Wisconsin)
-ear "disease" gone
-21 year old young african american male's asthma left as he ran freely in front of the stage w/ no problems breathing
-5 females came up together (one of them healed of fibromalja, another one's neck pain left after a car accident 19 years ago)
-another fibromalja victim healed, which she is now able to kick her leg after her hip felt weak
*e-mail me ( of any praise reports or testimonies of this crusade!

It was past 11pm when Benny had to cut the testimony time, which there was a long line of people wanting to share. He then quickly asked all the pastors in the audience to come up front in the main level for special prayer-anointing. He asked everybody that was left (some already left the arena as it was getting late) to hold hands with someone next to them. Then he shouted and some fell back (slain in the spirit), which the closest one to me that actually felt it was a lady 3 rows below me and 10 seats away. I jumped a little, which I wasn't sure if it was the bass-noise or the Holy Spirit! Benny invited everybody to "come early" tomorrow at 4pm (youth focus), which Tom and I wanted to stay. Unfortunately, Tom didn't have any money to stay in a motel or somewhere. We left the Twin Cities around 11:45pm and got back to Morris early this morning around 3am! I was able to attend my local church service around 10am as I was excited and spiritually energized! I want to let God move 24/7 as He did last night in my daily life!

Benny hinn - Winning SOULS for Jesus


Receive the gift that is for all of us (believers)...
Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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Before attending Benny Hinn's Crusade, I was very skeptical. I got an e-mail from Fake Faith Healers, prior to this event and didn't read it till now (9/7/040).

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  • mesmerized, 1 : to subject to mesmerism; also : HYPNOTIZE 2 : SPELLBIND - mes�mer�iz�er noun
  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:33:54 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
    From: Yves Brault
    Dear Pastor,

    Beware for the famous "Faith Healer" (A Term not found in the Bible) Benny Hinn will be holding his Miracle Crusades at the Target Center on September 4-5, 2004.

    As an ex-member and in those days much involved in Benny's church, I feel compelled to inform you of Benny Hinn's real source of power. The prophet Hosea declared; "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me " Hosea;4; 6

    Indeed knowledge is priceless when it prevents us from being deceived. For some time I wondered why miracles like those found in the Bible have never occurred in over 28 years of Benny's healing ministry. Why not if Benny's special anointing really comes from God? Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I received in late August 2002. It deals with Hinn's crusade in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The gentleman (a Christian) writes: A Born Again Christian who worked in the main television studio and had access to all the cameras in the auditorium saw backstage Benny Hinn's brother, probably Henry and Benny Hinn's wife Susanne getting together plants, who would be the ones brought on stage. After these selected people have given their promotional testimony, they are "slain in the spirit" leave the stage and quickly led to a getaway car in the back of the auditorium, where they are wisked away before any media can reach them.--End of quote. Do not be fooled if you see others who appear to be healed from ailments like back troubles, heart condition, even asthma because these are ailments that Mesmerism can also relieve. Mesmerism discovered in the 18th century by Fran Anton Mesmer is best defined as follows: "The capacity of raising the emotional state of a person or a crowd to an abnormal but controllable intensity" It is also referred to as; controlled hysteria' Benny has disguised mesmerism this old hypnotic technique with the religious term 'anointing' and people are duped. For when people are mesmerized they can no longer analyze. On "Praise The Lord" aired by TBN on April 16 2001, Benny admitted that mental powers are at work in his healing crusades, here are his ords: "I know it is mental powers being so great that people can come out of wheel chairs, well it's true, it does happen, in fact T HAPPENS IN EVERY HEALING MINISTRY AND IN EVERY HEALING SERVICE." Then Hinn adds; "Well I've seen things happen like this and in fact it caused me to question things what I've seen with my own eyes. I remember a lady in St Louis going out of a wheel chair and going right back in it, in the service itself. When God does it, it's definite, when God heals them, they can't go right back in that wheel chair."

    And Benny later says that people can lose their healing because they lack faith, a declaration to be found nowhere in the Bible Those statements from Benny were made the day after HBO exposed his ministry. In that program called "Question of Miracles", medical experts followed cases of 'healings' given by Hinn's ministry. They came back with the proof that healings were not permanent and not real. Here is how they explained it; --'The commentary speech of faith healer combined with repetitive music can set up a chemical chain reaction in the brain that contributes to feelings of euphoria and an ability to break through pain barrier TEMPORARILY.'-- End of Quote. In fact those medical experts have just plainly explained how " mesmerism" works

    But in Benny's crusades, let's face it most of the individuals who falsely believe they are healed have only one goal in mind that is to get on the platform and to be touched by Benny. Little to they know that according to the Bible when individuals fall backwards it brings on them the judgment of God, not His blessings. Skeptical! Just read the following verses; Genesis;49;17, 1 Samuel;28;20, Isaiah;28;13, John;18;6, Acts;5;5, 5;10, 9;4. It is also to be noted that when people fell there was no human intervention, like waiving of hands, touching or even blowing in a microphone You may also want to ask Benny Hinn if he was really healed from heart problems , or if he was himself a victim of 'mesmerim' Here is what happened. In his crusade held in Jacksonville, Florida in 2002, during the Friday night service, out of the blue, without no one touching him, Benny Hinn fell on the platform, "Slain in the Spirit". He laid there for quite a while, they called his mother and his brothers on stage. When Benny got up, he declared that God had just healed him of serious heart problems, (his heart was skipping beats) . The following week Benny on his daily Tv. program added that after his healing he went to see the best cardiologist in California, who after a series of tests confirmed his healing. But here comes the best part ; In April of 2002, Benny Hinn was scheduled to hold 3 crusades in Osaka Japan, Two days before the event, Benny cancelled his appearance. Why? Here is the reason given by Benny Hinn's ministry; BENNY HINN SUFFERS FROM MAJOR HEART PROBLEMS. Has Benny Hinn mesmerized himself into believing he was healed? Or has he lied one more time to his millions of followers? If you think that people close to Benny vouch for his anointing just read the following. Benny Hinn's own flesh and blood brother commended me on my book adding it was about time someone exposed Benny and his selective anointing.. Hinn's personal attorney who read my book "Behind The Scenes-The True Face of The Fake Faith Healers" told me over the phone that when the truth is revealed they have no legal recourse. And how about the $8-9 million dollar mansion Benny Hinn's ministry has built in southern California as a parsonage for Benny and his family. The house and the lot belongs to Cove Holdings, Benny Hinn is the president of Cove Holdings . The mansion has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a garage that can hold 5 cars.All these extravaganzas are paid by the partners who faithfully send every month their money believing it is used for souls. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not even have place to lay his head Luke ;9;58 Hear my heart I sincerely believe in Divine healing, for by God's grace I have personally experienced it, but I cannot believe that God can be bossed" around and ordered to perform miracles on a given night in a given place.
    In Christ Love

    I invite you to visit our web site at;

    Pastor Yves A. Brault

    My reply (9/7/04):


    Thank you Yves for e-mailing me (church campus ministry e-mail account) about your experience with the Benny Hinn Crusades. I actually went to this crusade this past Saturday very skeptical after you e-mail. Below is my personal report, which I would like to hear any of you others in this forward e-mail list that may have attended this recent crusade....

    It also has a link to the website you (Yves) sent...The only thing I can conclude is we need to pray for Benny Hinn and each other as a family of believers. We need to keep planting seeds of faith to the unbelieving world around us with the power of the Holy Spirit for His Glory-Jesus! He can use each of us in many ways-let's go!

    Servant for Christ in Morris (rural college town-a harvest), Minnesota!

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