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SYATP Artists' Testimonies

Who are these guys that perform at "See You At The Party"?

What is the Pigeon John Story? Pigeon ohn's Story Link)

Why the name RedCloud? (Red Cloud's FAQ Link)

Well if you dont know about the War Chief RedCloud (Mahpia Luta).... find out now. My break down is this... The best visual i have of God is the sun. The sun is responsible for life on earth, light on earth... without it - death and coldness. If you ever see the sun rising at dawn there are always RedClouds surrounding it... almost greeting it. When you see the sun set at dusk there are RedClouds around it... i am around the Son of God... the Son of man, day and night.... like a RedCloud.

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Who is Jeremy Erickson? modern folk worship artists tell his story

....I grew up on a small farm in northern Minnesota. My family was dysfunctional only inasmuch as my little brother was a comedian and I was an artist (and my sister put up with us both). I was raised on books by C.S. Lewis and Bible stories before bedtime. I thought of God as my nearest and bestest friend. Then when I was ten, my cousin and his dad were killed in a car accident that seemed orchestrated to a finer degree than most Hollywood stunt scenes. I was immediately shoved into a world of questions and doubts - where I wrestled with God then, and wrestle with Him still. Only now it's not just physical events. It's psychological, social, and philosophical issues, as well as basic behavior problems.

But I don't believe Christianity was meant to be a self-help program or some sort of social agenda. Rather, I believe I was created (made, thought up - a divine idea) by a creator with the purpose of knowing intimately the mind and heart from which I came (and reflecting that, in turn). A God who seems sometimes distant (often distant), sometimes silent (often silent), but nonetheless good (and believable), and somehow aware of my deepest wonderings and sorrows. Christ came (and lives) to bring me near that God - in such a way that I won't burn up in his presence or be found less than what he made me to be. And in that way, I am made more like him - and, in turn, more like the original me....

Truth is, I'm still learning how to do this stuff - how to produce an album, how to write a song, how to capture truths and wonders with music - but for those who can enjoy the process, here it is: The Extras portray, in all honesty, the Process - the highs and lows of life and faith as well as music. We grow, and what was isn't any more. And what will be isn't yet. It's all good, because it's the Process. For me, this album represents a part of that process - the friendships represented by the friends singing with me, the struggles by the words we sang, our humanness by the frailty of the tracks, and the grace of God by the fact that somehow, in the midst of all this, people are moved to seek Jesus. I pray it's so, anyhow. And I pray that we may know, in the same way God uses the unpolished versions of a few carelessly written songs, He can take "the extras" of life and turn them into glorious tools for His service. There is a God in heaven who chooses the simple things of this world to shame the wise, and the weak things of this world to shame the strong. This God has a heart for "the extras." I sing as one who's grateful. Thanks for listening.

What's are some of your favorite books? Symphony in Peril's Bio


Names Without Numbers bio

Most of all, Names Without Numbers wants to encourage listeners to think for themselves and follow their own personal convictions. After all, Christianity should be more than religious tradition and charismatic preachers, but rather about seeking God on a deeper, personal level and learning how to follow his unique plan for each and every one of us. With that said, we hope you enjoy the rock and hopefully we'll see you sometime at a show!

Children 18:3

Do you have any advice?: love God, and work hard-Seth
Do you have any advice?: Serve God and love Him, and He’ll take care of the rest-Leemarie
Do you have any advice?: Don't worry about unimporant detail-David

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