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Bought this house in June of 2006...

goodnewsmorris's Sals House 2006 album on Photobucket

-Built: 1950's
-Property is 140' x 50'
-House is 24' x 32'


Just completed insulating the attic (October of 2006)...


Just completed insulating the ceiling during the weekend of new year (January 2nd of 2010)...

goodnewsmorris's Sals House January Basement Insulation 2010 album on Photobucket

I hope to get a sub-contractor (Seth license #20632269 ) to the following:
*see City of Morris HRA Ordinance

(7' by 10' estimate or 200.7cm x 304.8cm)
-install "proper" ventilation fan
-"square $59.99 Free Shipping from" stand-up shower
- Murray Oval Lavatories 4" Centers Variation: White Size: 20" x 17" Model Number: 051-0124-00 Brand: Murray $76.90 Free Shipping from

-*ceiling tiles

-fix electrical shortage problem when bedrooms using full outage

-NO carpet
*in case of flooding


-sump pump?
-egress window?
*will take of digging hole
-improve heating system (connect to attic for future)

-put up 2x4 for *insulation

*will do this by myself to cut labor costs down

Windows (Basement):
(12' 1/4" length and 30" height w/1 inch frame in all 4 corners)

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*see Financial: Home, Housing, etc...

  • Achieving Small Basement Remodeling Success , from By Eugene R. Makeev Platinum Quality Author

  • "..Lighting is another element that helps create the illusion of an airier room, making it seem larger than it actually is. Maximize use of both artificial and natural light by adding on fixtures offering more brilliance and widening or adding windows. Locate lights in a way that task-designated areas get enough light and shadows are avoided. And to amplify the effect, use lots of mirrors and reflective substances. Throw in compact and space-saving designed furniture and get enough storage and be amazed by the small basement remodeling finish."
  • A Few Ideas for Remodeling an Unfinished Basement November 15, 2006 by Manuel Kupka

  • "..Notably the plumbing, insulation, waterproofing, proper air circulation and lighting of the room should be given top priority...
    Now comes the proper project of insulation of the basement, which can be achieved by right construction of the sub floor, ceiling and, walls. As for floor there can be none better than vinyl tiles but it is a good idea to have a sub-floor in this area for support. Gear up the strength as well as look of the basement with decorative wall panels and suspended tile ceilings...

  • Tips to Finish an Unfinished Basement Articles submitted by manoloK Submitted Tuesday, November 28, 2006

  • "..The condition of the basement floor is a crucial factor if you want to have an under-ground bath. Take care of the state of the drainage systems, water lines and plumbing works beneath the basement floor. Make sure that there is no problem in the waterproofing system of your basement. Apply two coats of brush-on cementation waterproofing compound and rest assured.
    Now comes the proper project of insulation of the basement, which can be achieved by right construction of the sub floor, ceiling and, walls. As for floor there can be none better than vinyl tiles but it is a good idea to have a sub-floor in this area for support. Gear up the strength as well as look of the basement with decorative wall panels and suspended tile ceilings.
    It is at this stage that you will need to do all the installing jobs to incorporate your ideas for remodeling or finishing an unfinished basement. Complete all electrical work, including installation of heating and cooling systems, etc. .."

    -WEEK #1 (January 31st-February 6th)

    Week #2 (Feb 8th-12th)

    Week #3 (Feb 15th-19th)

    -THANKS Wehking Electric
    CA04737. 48501
    48501 250th St
    Morris, MN 56267-4349
    Phone: (320) 589-8898

    Week #4 (Feb 22nd-26th)

    Week #5 (Mar. 1st-5th)

    Week #6 (8th-16th)

    Week #7

    Sal's Part=>

    Week #8 (March 29th-31st)


    goodnewsmorris's Sals House March 2010 Painting album on Photobucket

    Week #9 (March 29th-31st)

    Week #10 (April 14th-16th)

    goodnewsmorris's Sals House April 2010 Light Fixtures album on Photobucket

    Week #13 (May 3rd-4th) & (15th-22nd)

    goodnewsmorris's Sals Basement May 2010 Bathroom album on Photobucket

    Shower Valve Troubleshooting: Help?

    Week #16 (May 26th-27th)

    Plumbing in Basement

    "Your question: "A friend of mine who knows a lot of plumbing thinks I need a "new set-up" of recharging my hose drain (connecting my water softner to main drain pipe via hose that I needed to seal myself with caulk glue). I'm afraid of calling back the person (friend too.) to come back to re-do his work until I get another professional "second opinion". This friend that gave this advice told me that if there was a sewage back-up (e.g. explosion) problem, it would come up through the hose (connecting the main line to the water softner) and may cause some problems""
    *see Financial: Home, Housing, etc...

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    CROSS CONNECTIONS - what is a plumbing cross connection? ,
    "..Cross connections by garden-hose plumbing also occur when someone improperly connects a garden hose directly to a sewage waste pipe for any reason (photo, below right). We have found garden hoses connected in this fashion as building piping drains, water softener drains, boiler drains, etc. ...




    goodnewsmorris's Sal House Landscaping Drain Project August 2010 album on Photobucket

    My current (September 2010) project in making my basement foundation "sound"..

    goodnewsmorris's Sals House Landscaping Drain Project Sept 2010 album on Photobucket

    Uploaded with
    "September 16th 17th video of a worm"


    goodnewsmorris's Sals House Landscaping Drain Project Oct 2010 album on Photobucket

    *see Skunk trying to find a place to hibernate in my yard youtube video

    goodnewsmorris's Sal House Landscaping Drain Project November 2010 album on Photobucket

    Part II-Night Work

    Uploaded with

    Filling the trench with gravel and then dirt w/rocks

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    I would cut 15" to 20" (width) X 9 ft long landscape "black" plastic ($17 for 250 yd rolls) and laid it on 3 foot deep of gravel (over the 4" PVC pipes in the bottom over 2" or so gravel already on top of black similar length of "roof tar paper).

    Hiring a friend to use his Bob Cat to fill in the remaining "wet-sticky" (snowy) dirt

    32' (x 4'=128 x2 =256") x 24' (x4'=96' x2=192')=448' square foot of dirt

    Riley Jim & Sons Construction, Inc. 320-589-2120

    Jack hammering-Chiseling a Hole for a Sump Pump Basin (Oct22nd-25th 2010)

    Sump Pump Project: Part 1-Creating the Hole (Oct 2010)

    Sump Pump Project: Creating Hole # 2

    Digging 28-32" deep for the basin

    Cutting a Hole in the Ceiling for the Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

    Below are the pics of the bricks from the "old chimney" that was gutted and taken out from the "first week" of the basement remodeling project. I worked on chipping the "old mortar" for a week (6 days) in mid-June then painted it "bloody" red for several days after.

    Basement 2011

    Roofing 2011

    15.3 feet from top of roof to bottom.
    (16.5 feet x 32=528 square feet for one 1/2 side of the roof) 1056 square footage of whole roof



    9 feet and 7.5 inches (from top to bottom of roof) 26 feet and 6 inches (from front to back) => 265 square foot for 1/2 side of roof= 530

    *use online-calculator

    Total= 1,586 square foot for both garage & house for galvanized steel roof panels



    goodnewsmorris's Sal House Landscaping 2010 Bricks album on Photobucket


    50'x 140 yard

    Black Dirt at Riley's (P.O. Box Morris, MN 320.589.2500) 320.634.3535 Glenwood Office) is $11.85/square yard, so I got 1 truck load (10.84 yards)for $128.45 on May 3rd 2011 w/sales tax of $8.83=> $137.28 and then got 4 yards (w/$23.80 delivery charge because it was under 7+/- yards or so) $74.45 worth of dirt on May 31st
    -Grass in Backyard

    -Along the Side of the House Exterior

    -Retaining Wall

    Using Crestone II Retaining Wall Blocks -Tan Color from Menards (89 cents at st. cloud store)


    MorrisStuff's Sals Yard Landscape 2013 album on Photobucket

    Basement 2012

    -Hanging Ceiling Tiles

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Closet (7.6' x 4' 10"=>31.2 sq. ft)
    Bed Room A [by bathroom] (8.7' x 7.3'=>63.5' sq. ft)
    Bed Room B [mid bu Egress Windo] (10'x 7.5'=> 75 sq. ft)
    Bed Room C [Hallway] (4.2x4.3'=>18.1 sq. ft.)
    Living Room (16.2' x 15' =>243 sq. ft)
    TOTAL (430.6 square foot)

    -Utility Sink Plumbing

    Uploaded with

    -Vent for Oven

    Uploaded with

    -Sheetrock Ceiling

    Uploaded with


    11-(28"X7"=196)=2158 sq. inches of plywood (3/4") or 59 yards or 2qty of 1/2x24x48 Bcx Pn Plywood (1152 sq. inches) (OSB $10-4096 at Millwork)
    31"x11'(132")=4092 sq. inches sheet rock

    4'x8' (48'x 96'=>4608sq inches)

    Stairway Framing & Lattice Fence (February 25th-26th 2013)

    goodnewsmorris's Sals Basement Stairway Framing album on Photobucket

    Original Proposal Using Ballusters

    goodnewsmorris's Sals Basement Stair Carpeting album on Photobucket

    *this didn't work out since it was too narrow when I tried to move my new dryer in February 2013



    MorrisStuff's Sals Garden 2013 album on Photobucket


    Planted: Corn, Carrots, Squash, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cantoloupe, etc..




    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with


    *so far I've measure over 29" inches of snow in the ground by my sidewalk so far as of January 14th 2011


    Morris Winter Blizzard 2010 -Monday, January 25th from GoodnewsMorrisInfo on Vimeo.

    When I woke-up Monday (January 25th of 2010) morning, I listened to the local radio station to hear the weather report. They mentioned my workplace (Stevens County D.A.C.) was going to be 2-hours late (along with many schools), so I went back to bed around 7:15am. Then my former co-worker called me to see if I wanted to have breakfast with him at Taco John to "hangout" (we've been trying to schedule this for a long time and our schedule always conflicted, so I decided to get out of bed and go). When I came home, I found out that work was canceled due to the severe weather report (Blizzard conditions occur when sustained winds of 35 mph or greater and considerable falling or blowing snow reduces visibilities to 1/4 mile or less. Blizzard conditions are occurring in many western and southern Minnesota communities. Blizzard warnings are in effect until midnight for most of western and southern Minnesota.)
    The video above was taken around 2pm, which a co-worker told me today (Tuesday, January 26th of 2010)that winds reached as high as 47mph!!
    *see Outdoors: Winter



    Canadian Geese Migration Flyover from gooodnews everybodycom on Vimeo.



    BBQ at Sals and Kazus Crib Public Friday, September 7th 2012..




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