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Sal: 2003 Reflection

Holiday Greetings Letter from Sal da Pal!

How are you doing during this Holiday Season? I pray that we’ll all find the true meaning of this Holiday Season in our hearts and not get tied up with the “busyness”-as I witness going around town of Morris, Minnesota-U.S.A. Long time no chat/e-mail with many of you, so I decided to do this “end of the year reflection” e-mail/website format to better share what I’ve been up to. I hope you do the same -somewhat similar to this with me.

Before we move on to 2004, I want to reflect what the good Lord (God, Heavenly Father, Jesus, etc..) has personally done this past year of 2003. I’m thankful first for His Son-Jesus Christ, who is “the reason for this season” that I try to celebrate “every season”. My day to day personal relationship with Him enables me to do what I’m doing in Morris, Minnesota. This year, God has layed on my heart to share my past experiences/mistakes to share via web [e.g. GoodNews UMM (campus-community)& UMMAlpha (cultural focus)] with the people in Morris (college campus-international student ministry-part time and group home-full time). Other highlights from this year were: Employee of the Year Award, Hiking-Camping Trip at Chippewa National Forest in Northern Minnesota, 3rd Chicago trip for a college friend’s wedding, and my on-going blessed relationships with you, friends, family, and relatives in both Morris, St. Paul, Nation, and all around the World.

With life there is death, which this year has been unfortunate with folks (love ones-friends, acquaintances) we all know that past away this year. May their memories cherish with us throughout our lives. We are given hope when we see babies (that's why I love babysitting my co-workers' kids) or anyone younger (another ”See You At the Party”-youth outreach even in Alexandria, Minnesota) around us, which we need to continue to train them with our Biblical morals and values that we’ve been and continue to be taught daily! No matter what situation, issues, circumstance (e.g. financially, spiritually, educationally, physically, etc…) you are currently in, just remember that you are not alone. God can use you to bless someone else “less fortunate”. How can we do this-not just this season, but every season next year? Please daily keep me, each other, love ones, our nation, and world (especially the missionaries and soldiers) in your prayers and I’ll do the same with you (contact me anytime!). Thank YOU for being a blessing to me in many different ways. May God bless you all and have a wonderful holiday this season and every season. Keep in God’s touch!

Da Pal in Christ’s love,
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2003 Turn Back the Clock

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    4. Terror war
    5. Massive August 14 blackout
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    7. Gay civil rights issues
    8. Celebrities and sex charges
    9. Recovery of Elizabeth Smart
    10. Deaths of Qusay and Uday Hussein

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