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Morris: Thanks

Before, during, and after the All American City Finalist 04' Competition in Atlanta; this is a list I compiled after realizing the many people to show our apprecation in making Morris what it is and will be:


The city of Morris (40+ people who helped with the All American City application since the first meeting on January of this year and Phil Drown Companies) Also, to those that were highlighted in the application: Prairie Renaissance Cultural, Regional Fitness Center, and TREC Program.

Application Contributors (based on the forward e-mail list) and Presentation Practice Analysts:
"Athena Kildegaard"
"Barb Hesse"
"Ben Winchester"
"Carrie Grussing"
"Char Zinda"
"Deb Koehntop"
"Dennis Lindor"
"Jeannette Drown"
"Jim Mahoney"
, "Jim Thoreen"
"Maddie Maxeiner"
"Mary Ann Scharf"
"Michael Haynes"
"Michael Sparby"
"Paul Martin"
"Randee Hokanson"
"Randy Fisher"
"Roger McCannon"
"Roger Wareham"
"Ron Flannigan"
"Sheldon Giese"
"Sue Granger"
"Tom Hoffman"
"Tom Larson"
"Tom Mahoney"
"Dave Johnson"
"Todd Matson"

City Workers:
-public works, who get their hands dirty (street cleaners, fleet/maintenance services, underground work that "us" city dwellers don't see everyday, etc..)
-council memebers
-bus drivers: Morris Transit
-clean-up crew
-police officers
-volunteers (e.g. Salvation Army)
-every citizen that contributes to the well being of the city's progress

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  • Awards for Youth and Youth Workers in City First, from UK Chamber to honor health care workers.
  • The South Tampa organization wants to recognize nurses, caregivers, technicians and volunteers, from Florida
  • This is "Minnesota Tribute to Morris" after reflecting on what Morris should be proud of after reading the application of the recent "All-American City" finalist nomination. I wrote this portion after a meeting of this on Thursday, April 29th of 2004

    Community Members that supported our trip financially and other means of resources (t-shirt, picnic, etc...)


    I wanted to thank beforehand personally to:
    -God, who brought me here and divinely let me remain here for awhile (5+ years and going)!
    -Morris Community Church (since Fall of 96'), my local church that "drew me deeper into the community" by building relationship with different types of people (different ages) in the community besides people my own age when I was a student. Neil, who mentored me when I was a student, who encouraged me to continue to do so with others. Their annual Summer Institute of Ministry Training School (10 week course) made me stay after graduating in 1999-the first year they initiated this)
    -Minority Resource Staff (during and after UMM: 95'-99')
    -UMM Campus Overall: Minority Student Program, Office of Residential Life, Community Education: Tom McRoberts with Center of Study Abroad; Including Student Activities (Sara, Sandy, Sara, Carol-Campus Compact: got me to volunteer more as a student and get more involved in the community outside of the campus; food drive one year, etc..) that build my leadership skills and confidence, which I didn't really have as an incoming passive, shy minority my Freshmen year (1995), and many others who have made a difference in different ways growing in character as student (95-99)
    -Char Zinda, who inspired me to bridge the campus' ethnic population with the community as a college student (95-99'). She helped with this program where she asked MSP to have ethnic minority students come share about their cultural ethnic background with students at the Morris Elementary School and Morris Area High School (got postponed one year). This encouraged me to continue to do this own my own after graduating (done this with international students one year after Jeanette Drown from my local church asked me to recruit them to share at St. Mary's School. Also, a former UMM roommate asked me to share about my Filipino culture at his school he was assisting in teaching at as part of his Elementary Ed program. The school was in Militona, a small rural town 10 minutes north of Alexandria. I brought my city breakdancing moves (I try) during my presentation, which opened a lot of kids' eyes! I shared this experience with Walter Fischer, MSP Staff, to help continue this cross cultural connection to Morris and the surrounding area.
    -Prairie Community Services: Ravenwood Home (formerly Hoffman Home until 2000) that first started as a part-time job while attending my local churches' SIMT School program and became a full-time job after the summer of 1999. I fell in love with the residents (11 before, now 8). They are considered family now!
    -City of Morris for getting me involved with Prairie Renassiance Project when Blandin Foundation came in during the summer of 1999 when I graduated from UMM and stayed here. When I was "given an opportunity to chair the committee on cultural development" (script-presentation), I wanted to see the vision (2010) implemented that helped me stay in Morris longer than I thought besides the SIMT School.
    -UMM Students (past and present):
    Lue Her-who was a mentor, leader, and friend that inspired me in various ways; Ami-Commencement Graduation Speaker 2004, whose "About Me" e-mail several years ago served as an "icebreaker" idea; and many others in various ways


    -The Booth Display Committee (Maddy-UMM, Carol-mayor, etc...)
    -Morris Team:
    (it was fun getting to know one another more through the many countless presentation practices (script), ice breaker-"About Me", and different group gatherings before and during Atlanta. Hope to continue do so in the future while I live in Morris!

    This from my (Sal) personal gratitude and thanks:

  • Sydney Beyer-it was fun hanging out with you during your hobby activity of shopping
  • Laura Delehanty-it was fun getting to know our similar interest in Chinese food, which you ate almost every time in Atlanta!
    *I will never forget your "youthism" you bring during the presentation practices-I love your lines in the presentation script! it was fun hanging out with the two youngest of the group that taught me to not wanting to grow-up too fast!
  • Sue Dieter-your contribution to the TREC program; I appreciate more of the our local great paper, the Morris Sun Tribune. Also thanks for being "open" on your concerns of the community, which I really learned a lot especially after our great conversation (ESL Story) on the rail transit ride to the airport!
  • Chandel Dietz-being able to memorize your lines and do it well (e.g. showing facial expressions) was a motivation for me and the others in the group
  • Philip Drown-there it too much to thank you for, but in summary: awesome well written application that got me more excited about our community that I never knew muuch about, your whole leadership skills in planning before, during, and after this whole "finalist" presentation/trip, etc...
  • David Fluegel-keep up the good work you do with Centre for Small Towns. It was very educational for me to know the work you all do in improving the rural economy of West Central Area Minnesota. Thanks for showing me how to cartwheel, paying for some of the group's ride on the carriage around downtown Atlanta, and hanging out various nights in Atlanta
  • Kellie Hesse-good job with co-working with Mike on the skateboard park. It was awesome to have another (Prairie Community Services) employee of the same company I work for be part of the trip
  • Ed Larson-good job you do as City Manager, which I never knew until I attended the City Council meeting prior to this AAC Trip. Good dance at the Civic Fair! (where is the picture and your profile-About Me)
  • Shelly Lund-good chatting with you in the plane to Atlanta even though we didn't get to know you during the presentation practices in Morris. You did a good job in memorizing the lines and being able to flow with the rest of the group when we had small number of practices before the actual presentation in Atlanta!
  • Sal Montegudo-I thank Phil for inviting me to join the team less than a month before the trip
    Cindy Perkins-good job you do with Morris Commmunity Education and bringing some "spunk" to the practices and presentation (e.g. your lively aminating kazooing).
  • Dan Perkins-it was educational for me as a "city slicker" to learn about what you do with the agriculture sector of this rural-farming community. Good dance at the Civic Fair! (where is the picture and "About Me" profile)
  • Carolyn Peterson-good job you do with the Morris Chamber of Commerce and just willing to ask me about the sound help (asking Morris Community Church) for the presentation at the Picnic Fundraiser. Awesome to celebrate your birthday in the last day
    Mike Peterson-way to go with leading the charge (with Kellie) for the skateboard park, which you set an example for youth in our community; pass down the torch!
  • Sam Schuman-it was an honor to "rub shoulders" with the Chancellor of UMM as a proud graduate (1999). You really have a "presence" when you speak-your quotes of Shakespeare and Greek poets/philosophers is an icon of yours
  • Carol Wilcox-it was a honor also to "run shoulders" with the mayor of this town


    "Honorable" (got this from the Atlanta Trip) Mayor Carol Wilcox
    Char Zinda, mentioned during the question and answer period after our 10-minute presentation (see video)
    Morris and the surrounding community overall!

    Firetruck Ride through town

    Please e-mail me at of any others that should be mentioned or any suggestions, comments, or corrections that's mentioned in this page. Sorry if I missed any of you that wasn't mentioned!

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