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Below is some information regarding a "cool" meeting on November 2nd 2004:

Career Assessment: Occupational Skills Program

About it: Only 2 in the entire nation. It is a 9 month program that can last up to 2 years for folks “like Cory” to help “catapult” or "jumpstart" them in life or the “real world”.
Cost: $425 (52% is covered by state if taken during his high school years) and additional $2.50/day to cover meals
-in Brainard, MN (info mtg. on November 18th) at Central Lakes College (career counseling)
-in Wilmar, MN (info mtg. date unknown) at Ridgewater College, which Cory will be paired up with a “volunteer” foster family (that has been background checked)
Occupational Overview
"The Occupational Skills program provides an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to acquire the vocational/technical training which will maximize their job skill potential. These individuals may not be able to succeed in a traditional technical college program at this point in their lives but, with training, are capable of entry-level or semi-skilled employment.

Wilmar Learning Center is where Cory stayed for 3 days to get a Career Assessment in June of 2005

Most students receive skill training by participating in industry internships through the Occupational Skills program. Some students may, depending upon circumstances, receive technical training by taking a course/courses in another vocational program.

These students may access all student services at Ridgewater College in Willmar such as financial aid, counseling staff, Disabilities Services, Resource Center and all social and recreational activities sponsored by the college."

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    Tuesday, November 18th-"Jeff's B-Day" Pictures from Homegroup

    Happy B-Day Jeff and Anonymous Person!

    The "Baker"-Sherry

    Sherry and Mark feeding the "thousands"

    Homegroup Party!

    B-day Guy!

    Cory's Activities

    Colten and Cory at See You At the Party 2005

    Cory getting a big laugh with me about his very bright white suit!

    Cory posing with a less "brighter" background

    Brother Bretsky

    Brett will be attending Minnesota State Community Technical College at Fergus Falls in 2004-2005.

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