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The Sadhana Trust, a charitable, non-profit organization is currently giving shape to a charitable Home for the Aged, an Orphanage and a Senior Citizens Community Centre.

The  Home for the Aged, the Orphanage and the Senior Citizen Community Centre is being built in a five acre area near KANJIKODE VILLAGE, PALAKKAD DISTRICT, KERALA, INDIA off the COIMBATORE-    PALAKKAD highway.

The Trust intends to provide Food and Shelter to the Destitute and Orphans. While presenting you with an opportunity to help the needy, the Trust invites you to contribute generously to this noble Project.

The Sadhana Trust is also hopeful that the homes for the senior citizens would provide a wonderful opportunity to many old people who are currently enduring difficulties, having to live with either their relatives or in solitude. The Trust is looking forward to providing a peaceful, comfortable  and enlightened living ...... with your contribution and support


Please visit the HomePage of The Orphanages

Please visit the HomePage of The Orphanages

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