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This page contains some extremely high-quality art, by a master of art, me, Reploid X! I have been told that my art looks very simillar to the highest quality Anime and Manga, and obviously people like it, because Dead Pete, the webmaster of Dead Pete's Cavern, liked my art so much, that he decided to help me build a web page for my art! The images are very large. With this in mind images will soon be available in downloadable form as well (in a ZIP file). All comments welcome, at, ReploidX-"The Master" (mail may not be responded to immediately, as I am not online too often), or Dead Pete-The Webmaster.



BattleThis piece BATTLE, for lack of a better name, was one or two pieces after the Frigid Fantasy piece. For this one, there were at least 5 separate sketches that made up the background and characters. For example, the two characters were on one sheet, however, for colouring, I worked on them separately. Parts of the background were created solely on the computer.


Frigid FantasyThis was the first major project I worked on using the computer for adding colour and various effects. Unlike the later pieces using the computer, this ones initial design sketch was one contour line pencil sketch. There were no separation in characters or areas. Once scanned into the com, the only element that was worked on separately was the girl.


KaylanaNo description.


The OfferingThis piece was the most complex and difficult of my computer related works. For the 'church' setting, I essentially drew one half of the background, with a great amount of contour detail. From this I was able to reflect it once scanned...However, each side was coloured individually. The other components include the two characters, the candle, the four windows, and a few others. Unfortunately, the original concept design included pews and more columns and windows, but I had to rush it to get it into my AP art class's final show. Anyway, as I said before, this is the 'grandest' undertaking I uh, undertook so far in terms of computer assisted art.

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