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The Killer Bees!

The story as told by the Killer Bees themselves, excerpt from the Pretentious Records zoo safari summer catalog:

These ain't no bumblin bumble bees babee! The only bees about keepin it real and gettin down to bzzzzzness! Bees charge at you; oh, we not afraid to sting you 49 times, over and over, all in the name of Rawk, babee! It all emerged from the loins of our voluptuous, honey-comb beating Queen Bee, Matt; then it went onto our hardworking strummer bees: the J-Train, the A-Bee, and the Buzz. Together, we've teamed up to fight for our right to BEE, babee! The Killer Bees! Join the hive and rawk it live today! Oh fuck yeah!

-the Kbees

Oh fuck yes is right. These bees, I tell ya. They rock it hard in their very own bee-core fashion, a mixture of the punk rock and the golden honey. Anyhow they are the loudest, hardest rocking bees around and you definately need to check em out.

Word travels fast and The Bees have built up a fierce group of enemies, from crust-core punks, to suburban Ace Troubleshooter fans, to farm punk hackers with a pitchfork up their ass. Go see the bees before they are assassinated, lynched, or at the least gang beaten.

Thurs, November 4th
7th St. Entry
w/ and you will know us by the trail of dead...

A Bee Parable From the Bee Bible:

One day, long ago back when the bees power was just beginning to become known in the scientific community, some pussy, ant-fucker scientist in glasses and a lab coat tried to synthisize the shit that comes from our stingers, so he could try and be as powerful as us. ImFUCKINGpossible.

He worked for months. When he finally thought he had it figured out, he took a sip from the flask and waited for the bee powers to enter his body. He didn't have to wait long for a reaction.

His smile turned to into a frown as he realized that his weak, pink human body was too fragile to handle the bee power contained within our stinger serum. His face crumpled and his forehead began to bulge under enormous pressure. A high-pitched ultra-sonic frequency could be heard for miles and his head continued to grow until...BOOM.

His head exploded.

The lesson learned is:

When it's us you try and imitate,

It's your fuckin' head we'll infiltrate.

Bees. Buzz. Rock. Roll.

What else can we say that they can't say themselves? Right on bees.

Email: The Buzz (#69)

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