Night Gallery

The movie (1969)

This pilot for writer/host Rod Serling's 1970's television series is an anthology including three stories of the supernatural, each of which takes its inspiration from a painting hanging in an otherworldly art gallery. In the first tale, an arrogant heir (Roddy McDowall) to a Southern patriarch's fortune gets his comeuppance after murdering the rich relative.

In the second, a rich but bitter blind woman regains her eyesight through immoral means, only to lose it again through a cruel twist of fate.

In the final entry, an ex-Nazi tries to avoid capture in South America by willing himself into the world of a painting. Point a particular interest: The second story, which stars screen legend Joan Crawford (of Whatever Became Of Baby Jane?), marked the directorial debut of a kid named Steven Spielberg.

A video of this movie was made but is not available at this time:
Night Gallery (1969)
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