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Sci Fi Channel's series description:
A lot has changed on Fantasy Island since guests last walked its shores. This tropical paradise is more beautiful than ever before, dreams still come true here, and romance, as always, awaits willing visitors. But this is a whole new place and time, where things are not always as they seem and the gracious, welcoming hosts have their own, mysterious agendas.

The island's guests are hand-picked by Fisher, a travel agent who possesses the magical ability to look into a person's soul and discern his or her deepest, often unspoken desires and craft for them a once-in-a-lifetime experience on Fantasy Island. Fisher's insights are dutifully transcribed by his surly assistant, Clia, who forwards them via pneumatic tube each week to Mr. Roarke. Roarke resents this regular dispatch of marching orders, but complies nonetheless, with the help of his staff of "fantasy facilitators."

Mr. Roarke greets each new group of visitors amid the splendor of his lush property. It is here he changes his guests' lives as he fulfills their lifelong dreams some romantic, others dangerous, all compelling. And in the end, each guest learns that it's not always a good thing when a fantasy comes to life...

Fantasy Island premieres on the SCI FI Channel on Tuesday, July 11, at 7pm EST.


Two travel agents, Fisher and Clia, send a form with their client's ultimate "fantasy" through a pneumatic tube, across thousands of miles, to Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island.
Meanwhile, Roarke battles with his new assistants, Cal and Harry, while he prepares the island resort for a new batch of arriving guests: Matthew, who wishes he had married a different woman; Ricky, a daredevil looking for the ultimate challenge; and Jane, a law student battling for intellectual supremacy over her smarter sister, Regina.
Ricky's fantasy begins as he's whisked away on a hell-bent helicopter ride and completes two days of running, boating and hang gliding. When the daredevil deems this course too easy, Roarke sends Ricky to climb a mountain of ice. Ricky is killed instantly, but he miraculously stands with Roarke looking at his own dead body. Roarke then takes Ricky on a tour of all the things he will now miss, including the birth of his daughter. Ricky then accepts Roarke's ultimate challenge: to live every moment as if it were his last.
Meanwhile, Jane finds herself on "Jeopardy" with Roarke as host and Regina as her opponent. The women's family and friends are the audience. But after Jane humiliates Regina, she discovers she knows about too much information...including the truth about her sister's passionate affair with Jane's own boyfriend. Jane suddenly regrets the lengths to which she has gone to upstage Regina.
Matthew mystically revisits the very moment he once turned down Emily, the woman of his dreams. Soon afterward, he meets Emily on the island. But Matthew's wife, Carol, is also there. Though Carol cannot recognize Matthew, he ends up realizing that she was meant for him when he sees her begin an affair with a handsome doctor, Karl.
Original ABC broadcast date 1998


In an effort to create a bond between an overworked father and his son, Roarke transforms banker Louis Burton into eight-year-old Max's favorite superhero. Although Max is impressed when Louis, as Dyno-man, stops a meteor from destroying Earth, Louis is just as overzealous in his work as a superhero as he was as a banker. Consequently, Max finds himself watching from the sidelines again.
Meanwhile, to help two friends explore the possibilities of any enexplored romantic possibilities between them, Roarke offers Gina Williams a chance to meet her old friend, Doug Strickman, again for the first time. But Gina soon sees that without her influence as a friend, Doug has become a very different man from the one she knew.
When Max is kidnapped by Dyno-man's archenemy, Rex Raskind, it's up to Louis to do something about it. Arriving at Raskind's lair, he demands that his son be released. But Max, after spending some time having fun with Raskind, is inclined to stay, and refuses his father's attempt at a rescue.
Meanwhile, as Cal and Harry find themselves at odds with Scotty, Fantasy Island's trash collector, Gina discovers that the new Doug isn't interested in pursuing romance with her at all.
To prove how much he loves his son and wants him back, Louis gives up the ring that gives him Dyno-man's superpowers. However, when Raskind turns around and tries using it against them, Max's hand-held video game destroys him first. Louis learns that to forge a bond with his son, his work must be set aside, even if just for a while.
Finally, after Gina turns to Roarke for help, he transforms Doug back into the man she's known for ten years. As the guests depart, Roarke convinces Cal and Harry that Scotty isn't someone to be messed with..
Original ABC broadcast date 1998. Guest stars: James McDaniel, Alyssa Milano


Wanting to know if his beautiful young wife married him for his money, millionaire businessman Pete Collins (Jere Burns) brings her to Fantasy Island. Despite Roarke's warnings, Collins wants to know what Jeanette is thinking, and he worries after discovering she's pondering a murder.
Meanwhile, when the plain-looking Cindy Kirkwood expresses her desire to be beautiful, Roarke grants her wish. Although Cindy's newfound beauty poses a threat to high-school classmate-turned-supermodel Leslie Wolf, it attracts the attention of a handsome male model named Matt. But Cindy quickly learns that beauty has its price: she's forced to work hard to maintain it, and she discovers her relationship with Matt is purely superficial.
When Pete is injured while hiking, he's certain that it's part of Jeanette's deadly plot. However, when he confronts her about her intentions, Jeanette reveals that her murderous fantasies are all part of a novel she's writing and have nothing to do with him. Although Pete apologizes for invading her thoughts, his lack of trust is too much for her to bear.
Cindy, meanwhile, realizing she wants much more from life than just being beautiful, discovers that her looks have created problems for Leslie.
After Roarke starts a fire in the nightclub where Cindy's holding court, she is stunned when Matt abandons her to rescue another beauty. And after she's saved by an island visitor who is far more interesting but not nearly so handsome (a hunchback working on Roarke's bell), Cindy realizes that she needs much more than beauty. She asks Roarke to restore her to her plain-Jane self. She'd rather be honest than beautiful.
Even though Pete Collins desperately wants his wife back, Roarke can do nothing to change her mind about leaving him.


A third-rate horror writer is offered a trip to the ultimate haunted house
As horror-novel writer Nathan O'Neill arrives for a personal encounter with the supernatural, he's introduced to the ghost of Ezra Cross. In exchange for answers to his questions about the afterlife, Nathan agrees to let Ezra use his body for just one night. However, after a night of food and drink during which Ezra lustily pursues Pamela, a very surprised Fantasy Island guest, he wants just one more night before he tells all his secrets to Nathan. When it's clear that Ezra's holding something back, Nathan reluctantly agrees.
Meanwhile, when guest Jack Lee's chance at fulfilling his fantasy of pitching in a World Series game is interrupted by a bout of appendicitis, his wife, Doris, asks Roarke to fulfill her fantasy instead, rather than simply refunding their money.
After Ezra occupies Nathan's body for another chance at seducing Pamela, Nathan accuses the ghost of taking advantage of him. However, after Ezra reveals that he knows little that would be of any use to Nathan, Roarke explains that the ghost's inability to provide any insights are a result of his own failure to move beyond his bodily desires. As a result, it's up to Nathan to help Ezra attain the enlightenment he needs to move on to death's next stage.
Doris (Louise Fletcher) pursues her fantasy of becoming a great dancer, like Ginger Rogers. But she pines for a truly worthy partner.
Elsewhere on the island, Cal persuades Harry to join in an escape from Fantasy Island. But a rift grows between them after they encounter a storm and become stranded on a desert island.
In an effort to help the ghost and himself, Nathan tricks Ezra into taking up the piano, a passionate pursuit he abandoned many years ago. The musical experience reconnects Ezra with the ideas of love, beauty and harmony. With this reawakened understanding, Ezra is prepared to move on, leaving Nathan wanting only to enjoy what living he has left.
Finally, after learning their shipwreck was both caused and monitored by Roarke, Harry and Cal sheepishly return to work.
Doris's fantasy is at last realized when her recovered husband becomes her new dance partner.


Having seen people with far fewer scruples succeed, businessman Arnie White comes to Fantasy Island determined to leave his own decency behind (Roarke removes his conscience). Arnie's first step down that road is to steal a colleague's proposal in order to get a promotion for himself.
Roarke gives Florence Jenkins her own television talk show so she can dispense her unsolicited advice to others. However, she's surprised to discover her first guest is Bob, her husband's best friend, the same man with whom she's having an affair. And as Florence tries to cut short their interview, Bob demands that she choose between him and her husband, Ronnie.
After using his new influence to coerce sex from one of his employees, Arnie produces some compromising photos of his boss, Phillip Woodson, having sex with a woman who isn't his wife. And after Woodson commits suicide, Arnie takes over both the business and his late boss's wife. Horns begin growing out of his forehead but Roarke tells him not to worry about it - there's only one person with the kind of power Arnie wants.
Meanwhile, Florence, when pressed by the audience and her guests about her affair with Bob, realizes that they all want to see her confront Ronnie. And though she wants out of her own fantasy now, Roarke refuses to release her.
As Arnie becomes Satan himself, his newfound power makes him increasingly paranoid. He destroys those around him with his insane suspicions.
After Florence confesses in order to satisfy her bloodthirsty audience, Roarke leaves her and Ronnie alone to wrestle with the impact of her adultery. In the wake of his wife's apology, Ronnie admits to knowing about the affair, and they agree to try and repair their failed marriage.
Finally, after his paranoia leaves him with no one he can trust, Arnie's one remaining shred of humanity prompts Roarke to allow him another chance, and Arnie renounces his mad quest for power.
Subplot: Ariel discovers that Harry has a phobia - flowers. They remind him of a certain funeral


Upon arriving on Fantasy Island, Stan Rawlings and his friend, Dave Sullivan, are looking forward to a vacation of unfettered girl-chasing. Having spent many years watching Dave get all the dates, Stan asks that Roarke help him understand the feminine mystique in order to make him a success with the ladies, too.
Mary Louise Wilcox, her family's latest descendant of a long line of combat veterans, asks Roarke to fulfill her fantasy of being able to go to war as a combat soldier.
Although Roarke honors both requests, he does so in ways neither expects: Stan is surprised when he's suddenly transformed into a woman by Ariel ("I think I'll call you Brenda"), while Wilcox is taken aback when she's sent into an alternative history of World War II that is fought entirely by women.
Meanwhile, Fisher the travel agent (Fyvush) conspires to use an inspector's visit to discredit Roarke and get his job on Fantasy Island.
After transforming Stan into "Brenda," Ariel goes about educating him on how to be a woman. But after meeting a fellow vacationer named Tamara, Brenda/Stan is upset to see Dave coming on to her. Although Tamara is willing to give Dave a chance, Brenda/Stan threatens to expose the affair to Dave's wife.
Meanwhile, after an enemy attack strands Wilcox with her platoon mate Audrey Friedlander, Wilcox must deal with Friedlander's cowardice. Although critical of Friedlander's behavior, Wilcox doesn't hesitate to save her life.
Elsewhere on the island, in order to distract inspector Bill Terkel from Roarke's shenanigans, Ariel transforms herself into a beautiful woman and exercises her powers of seduction on the investigator.
Although Brenda/Stan has successfully kept Dave from his latest conquest, Brenda/Stan still feels guilty for deceiving Tamara. However, with Ariel's encouragement, once he's transformed back into a man, Stan seizes the moment with Tamara, and finds his new experience has finally made it possible for him to communicate with women.
Though Wilcox is determined to return to the fight, she takes care of the injured Friedlander instead, struggling to carry her to safety. Wilcox dies in the heroic effort, and Roarke reveals to Wilcox that she was already dying of cancer. She now has her full wish - to die a hero.
Finally, once Ariel's attention sends Terkel happily on his way, Roarke accepts Terkel's favorable evaluation before exacting his ironic revenge on Fisher and his accomplices.


After mentioning stockbroker Michael Allen's childhood love of the sea, Roarke agrees to give the man a chance at landing a high-powered client. In order to get a shot at managing the $80 million portfolio of investor Rich Baumer, Michael will first have to prove himself more capable than his colleague, Chip Weston. But a wrinkle forms in Michael's plans when at the beach he happens upon Sally, a beautiful woman (swimming with a tail), and becomes determined to see her again.
Meanwhile, Ariel is offended when she thinks Roarke has forgotten her birthday. She spends the day in a powerful huff.
Elsewhere on the island, student newspaper reporter Josh Stevens' fantasy is realized when he trades places with his high school's star football player (I don't remember the actor's name, but he's now the boyfriend in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch").
Once his stock market tip impresses Baumer, Michael gets his chance to make a play for the millionaire's account. Shortly thereafter, he returns to the beach and is startled to find that Sally might actually be a dolphin. Michael isn't given a chance to uncover the truth, however, as Baumer insists he join him immediately for a party, to discuss business.
Still fuming over what she thinks is Roarke's deliberate snub of her birthday, Ariel turns her vengeful spirit on Roarke's prized wine cellar.
Josh's heroism on the gridiron wins him both the girl of his dreams and a chance to skip college for a pro football career. But once he skips ahead ion his fantasy to his 25th high-school class reunion, he discovers that, while the life of the football star he replaced has blossomed, things with his own life didn't work out anywhere near so well as he'd hoped.
As Michael prepares for Baumer's party, Sally visits his room and offers him a seductive invitation, but he brusquely declares he never wants to see her again. Yet, hearing the dolphin's plaintive cry, he is wracked by second thoughts about his decision to pursue a cutthroat business career. Weighing the two against one another, he heads for the beach.
Subplot: After last week's fiasco, the travel office secretary quit and Fisher has to make do with a temp from the pool.


Germophobic Kenny Hartwell comes to the island to realize his fantasy of living in a totally germ-free environment.
Roarke has to take the time, meanwhile, to listen to Jerry Potsweiler complain about the girlfriend who left him following her trip to Fantasy Island (Fisher couldn't wait to send him to FI with his complaint). In response, Roarke sends Jerry to a victim's support group.
When Kay, an attractive waitress, distracts Cal, a jeep passes by him and crashes into Kenny's hermetically sealed environment, interrupting Kenny's immaculate fantasy. At the insistence of its driver, Brigid Jackson, the terrified Kenny joins her to escape her pursuers and soon finds himself stranded with her in a jungle teeming with germs. And though he begs Roarke to intervene, Kenny must help Brigid track down a priceless ancient artifact.
At the support group, Jerry gets more than his fill of complaints from others who have also lost loved ones to Fantasy Island.
Cal tricks Harry into buying him a new suit for his date with Kay. And although Roarke questions the island's sudden increase in "administrative expenses," Cal continues to jeopardize Harry's job with his lavish preparations for his date with Kay.
Elsewhere, Jerry refuses to admit to the other members of the support group that he's a chronic complainer.
Kenny helps Brigid escape a group of thieves, against whom she's racing to acquire the "Mask of Neevus." Following a daring rescue that saves her life, Kenny passes up an opportunity to return to his original fantasy in order to stay with her and finish the adventure. Once Kenny and Brigid find the mask, they realize they've fallen in love.
However, after asking her to join him for dinner back at the resort, Kenny is dismayed when she fails to show up. He tracks her to a bungalow where he discovers she's confined to a wheelchair. Brigid is certain he is only in love with the athletic woman in her fantasy. But Kenny insists their experience together has made him appreciate being alive as never before.
Jerry finally has to face his own negative attitude toward life, and he accepts that he has to take responsibility for his life's shortcomings rather than complaining that others are to blame. With his newfound wisdom, Kenny leaves the island to start his life over with a new outlook.
Finally, Cal discovers that Kay is actually part of Ariel's elaborate plot to get revenge on him for his repeated salacious comments about her.
Original ABC broadcast date 12-12-98


With the approach of Thanksgiving,* Ashley Gable arrives on Fantasy Island hoping to show her boyfriend a perfect family holiday. But Ashley is surprised to find that her normally contentious family has been transformed into one of perfect filial harmony for Joe's visit.
Ariel has to act as the genie that grants guest Fred Knox three wishes after finding her in a bottle on the beach. In classic fashion, Ariel torments the obnoxious Fred by applying strict, literal interpretations to his self-aggrandizing wishes. His first wish is for three adoring females - so up romp three female Golden Retrievers.
Meanwhile, Roarke sends disgruntled businessman Mike Wilkenson back to his childhood fantasy world to rescue Katherine, a girl held captive by an ogre of a husband.
Ashley cannot believe how perfect her family behaves. And although Roarke assures her that there's nothing to fear, she worries about the growing attraction between Joe and her sister, Kristen.
Meanwhile, after trying to rescue Katherine from her husband, Mike is stunned to discover that the ogre looks exactly like him. After Katherine's husband imprisons Mike, she helps him escape. However, Mike cannot help pointing out the similarities between himself and her husband.
After learning that Joe has decided to marry her sister, Ashley loses her cool but gets no sympathy from her Stepford family. With that revelation, Ashley realizes that perfection has its price.
Mike discovers exactly how many faults he shares with the ogre. He vows to return to his own life, determined to be a better man, and he encourages Katherine to help her husband redeem himself before it's too late.
When Fred, in a fit of frustration over his first two sabotaged wishes, asks Ariel for the power to grant wishes, she transforms him into the genie in a bottle (condemning him to a life of serving others' selfish whims).
As Ashley turns her back on Joe, she returns to the peculiar comfort of the bickering family she's always known and loved.
* Original ABC broadcast date 12-19-98 (December episodes postponed from Nov). Subplot: In addition to human guests, Roarke is hosting a fantasy by a group of turkeys - to spend Thanksgiving alive.
Guest stars: Kadeem Hardison, Megan Ward, Elise Neal, Sam Anderson.

LET GO, #10

Intro: Fisher turns the guests over to the travel office secretary to deal with, Roarke has alerted him that "it's time." Screaching tires are heard outside. A bride running from the middle of her wedding has been hit by a car - Roarke's foster daughter. Fisher turns back time a moment, rescues the daughter, and sends her to F.I.
Ray Schadowski comes to Fantasy Island with his wife, Tina. Ray is seeking to avenge the theft of his classic '61 Corvette. His fantasy is to see the car at the moment of theft so he can beat up the thief. He's turned over to Cal and Harry for the fulfillment of his fantasy.
The arrival of Roarke's daughter holds his complete attention. Miranda, who has no memory of growing up on the island, interrupted her own wedding in order to return to the island to realize her fantasy of having her childhood memories restored. And though Roarke is tempted to influence Miranda to stay, he vows to let his daughter decide of her own free will whether to stay or to go.
When Tina learns of her husband's ulterior motive for their visit to the island, she threatens to leave. Ray convinces her to give him just one more day before giving up on his two-year-long search for his beloved, missing car.
As Roarke helps Miranda recall her childhood on the island, Cal gets his permission to help reunite Ray and his car.
Following another failed effort to recover the vehicle, Ray returns to his wife. But even after the Schadowskis decide to start trying to have a baby, Ray still cannot resist taking one more chance at finding his prized automobile.
Meanwhile, although Miranda reveals to Roarke that she wants to stay on Fantasy Island forever, her father wonders if she's being truthful, especially when she expresses a desire to help him realize a fantasy of his own.
Ray's quest for revenge screeches to a halt when he discovers the car thief is actually his wife. Tina claims she stole the car in order to prevent his obsession with it from interfering with their marriage any further. Ray at first chooses his car over Tina, but once he realizes that the car can never take the place of his loving wife, he has second thoughts. Changing his mind, Ray decides to restore the Corvette and put it into storage, then he and Tina continue their effort to have a son to whom he will one day give the car.
Meanwhile, Miranda is stunned to learn that her father's fantasy is to see her return to her old life, and to be there to see her get married. Although Miranda is sad to be going back to the wedding that was interrupted by her trip, Roarke promises to welcome her and her new family whenever they wish to visit.
Original ABC broadcast date 12-26-98. End - a guest (Bill Clinton) walks into the travel agency to book his fantasy.


Following his successful defense of accused murderer Jack Mendyk, attorney Sam Kenneally (Dean Cain) wants to live out a fantasy of representing someone who is truly innocent. After meeting with Roarke, Sam is arrested for the murder of Mendyk, and he's forced to defend himself of the charge.
Meanwhile, Sybil Hammond comes to Fantasy Island looking to go back in time and restore her virginity.
Cal, meanwhile, is forced to deal with another guest's ignored son. The young boy is a handful, and Cal struggles to keep up with him.
Despite a serious prison sentence if convicted of murder, Sam refuses to plead guilty to a lesser charge and is sent into court with Roarke as his co-counsel. Though he manages to undermine the prosecution's highly circumstantial case, Sam is in trouble when Fisher (Fyvush)'s testimony seems to place him at the crime scene. And after Roarke uncovers the fact that Sam once failed to protect an innocent client from going to jail, where the man was killed in a prison fight, Sam's fate is sealed. The jury finds Sam guilty of Mendyk's murder.
Elsewhere on the island, Sybil continues her quest to regain her virginity by saying no to her former lovers.
Cal, meanwhile, begins to identify with the delinquent boy and his pranks. He sees much of himself in the rebellious youth.
After his conviction, Sam sees how he's being made to pay for having not fought hard enough to prevent an innocent man's death. But through hard work he uncovers the inconsistencies in the evidence produced by Fisher, and he is eventually acquitted.
Cal decides to take advantage of the boy's contempt for his dad, by trying to lead the boy into a life of crime - the same error that landed Cal in a life of servitude.
Sybil encounters a former sexual conquest that she cannot resist, not even the second time around.
Sam, once again a free man and brimming with confidence and zeal, takes on the case of another man (his cell-mate) who's been wrongfully accused.
Cal has second thoughts about leading the young boy into a criminal career, and eventually sets the kid back on the path of the straight and narrow.
Sybil, wiser now in her ability to select appropriate romantic partners, seizes an opportunity to start over with a spurned former lover with whom she could have had a wonderful life.
Original ABC broadcast date 1-9-99


When told about the engagement of her best friend, Jenny Weston, magazine editor Heather Finn wonders why she isn't the one getting married. Returning to the day of Jenny and Ben's first date, Heather makes sure that she's the one who went out with him. As a result, Heather becomes the one who's now engaged.
Tabloid newspaper reporter Aaron Filner (Paulie Shore) arrives to expose the secrets of Fantasy Island.
Island guest Carl Harben dreams of reviving his flagging virility by becoming the world's heavyweight boxing champion.
Though Roarke has made possible Heather's engagement to Ben, Heather begins to suspect that they are not suited to be husband and wife. Still, unwilling to let the opportunity for marriage pass by again, she continues to press forward with the wedding plans. But the longer she persists, the more she is tormented by her actions' negative effects on Jenny.
Meanwhile, as Roarke trains Carl for his championship fight, Ariel works to distract the nosy Filner from seeing anything he shouldn't.
As Heather's wedding draws closer, her doubts about the marriage continue to grow. When she finally accepts that it's Jenny who should be getting married to Ben, Heather arranges for things to return to normal before it's too late.
Meanwhile, Carl discovers that his wife isn't as interested in him being the champion as he once thought. So, after defeating heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, he manages to lose the title just as quickly as he won it, in order to get her back.
As Filner comes within inches of discovering the deepest secrets of Fantasy Island, Roarke arranges for the pesky reporter to be abducted by aliens (End: Fisher tosses the tabloid reporter's account of his alien abduction in the trash).
Original ABC broadcast date: early 1999


Following the funeral of their Hard Squad co-star, Dirk Draper and Bobby Symington are brought to Fantasy Island for a chance to be heroes once again.
Linda Slater isn't at all happy about her husband Jeremy's insisting that she bear him another child just so they can have a son. Linda's fantasy is for the demanding, insensitive Jeremy to become pregnant -- and so he does.
Roarke sends Dirk and Bobby after a dangerous smuggler named Wo Fat, and the former television detectives soon discover that the action here is much more real than what they expected. Needing a lead to Wo Fat's whereabouts, they track down Greasy, a con artist they used as an informant on their show. However, the two cops are surprised when Cassie Firestone (Anne Francis), an old friend and the former star of TV's "Police Gal," interferes in their arrest of Wo Fat.
After Cassie defends Wo Fat's smuggling of illegal aliens as sometimes helpful, Wo Fat is murdered. Though Cassie offers Dirk and Bobby a chance to help solve the crime, they opt for a return to retirement. But their plans are put on hold after Cassie enlists Greasy in an effort to solve the murder, but she ends up being kidnapped.
Meanwhile, Jeremy and Roarke face Linda and Ariel in a golf match to determine who will have to carry the Slaters' baby to term.
After finding Cassie, Dirk and Bobby learn that Greasy is seeking revenge for how poorly he was always treated on their show. After Greasy leaves them all to die in a complicated deathtrap, Bobby and Kirk both simultaneously proclaim they are in love with Cassie. Moments later, after they are thrown from the exploding warehouse, they discover the entire caper was just another scene in a television show. Kirk, sensing that Cassie isn't as attracted to him as she is to his partner, backs off and encourages Cassie to take up with Bobby.
Finally, after Jeremy loses the golf match on purpose so he can carry the baby for his wife, he is released from the bargain and leaves Fantasy Island with a greater appreciation for what Linda's been through.
Original ABC broadcast date 1999.
Guest stars: Anne Francis (who played 1960s detective Honey West and starred in Forbidden Planet), Pat Harrington.

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