Why Did God Let This Happen?

by W.A. Laidlaw

You've heard it.
Whenever something terrible happens, people ask, "Why did God let this happen?" Even Christians, Jews and Moslems of faith ask this question. Natural disasters are actually called "Acts of God." The simple fact is, Adam and Eve were tricked by a serpent into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. This gave them forbidden knowledge of themselves and the world around them, as well as ending God's constant protection. They, and their children, were now on their own. God's help and protection now has to be specifically asked for, in prayer. What's worse, Lucifer, a fallen archangel we call the Devil, also does whatever he wants. All of Earth is essentially an open city and will remain so until the final judgement of Satan and his followers.

On September 11, 2001, men who were told they would go to Heaven for attacking targets in America did what they did. They planned for the twin towers of the World Trade Center, containing at least 50,000 people, to immediately fall over, killing everyone inside and additional thousands in other buildings. They attacked the Pentagon Building, containing at least 29,000 people. A fourth plane headed for the White House, Camp David, or CIA headquarters. Philippean Police arrested a World Trade Center 1993 bombing suspect whose target list also included the Chicago Sears Tower and the Seattle Space Needle. So what happened? The Twin Towers somehow stayed standing almost an hour after the first impact, allowing most to escape to the ground. The Pentagon was attacked on a side closed for renovation, killing less than 200 of the potential 29,000. When the WTC towers finally did collapse, they did so almost strait down, instead of falling over like giant trees as intended by the hijackers.

The fourth plane was delayed 45 minutes before takeoff, giving passengers time to find out the fate of the first three planes and take action.
So where was God? Where were his angels? Ask the survivors. Where was Satan? Where were his demons? Clearly, they were delighted with the attack, if not planting the idea for them in the first place. Associated Press has photos, which they say are unretouched, showing Satanic images in the smoke of the WTC attack. Satan was on offense, God was on defense, and a host of angels were holding up the WTC towers as long as they could.

Two religious leaders I know of have claimed that September 11th was punishment from God for America's liberal views of abortion and other things. Sodom & Gomorrah were totally destroyed by God with the exception of Lot (because of his faith). After Noah and his family got into the Ark, every single person outside was killed. If this had been punishment from God, He would not have stopped with a few thousand people. September 11th was Satan's gleeful punishment, not God's. People of faith are not protected from all harm, but they know where they're going when they die. A liberated Nazi death camp had this written on a wall, "I believe in the Sun when it does not shine, I believe in God when He is silent."

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W. A. Laidlaw, 3-31-02