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Latest version is 3.1 (Released on 8/15/2002)



AsfTools is a free windows 98/ME/2000/XP program to process ASF,WMV and WMA files.

Features include:
 -Join & Split
 -Many different Repairing Tools
 -Most operations are done without re-compressing so the quality will not degrade
 -Converting ASF/WMV format to AVI
 -Extracting audio stream and saving it as WAV
 -Converting WMV1/WMV2 format to MP43
 -Making the stream files "Seekable"
 -Creating ASX file
 -And more ...

Note: The installation package does not include any help file so be sure to review the F.A.Q. page on this website.

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Send feedback!

Send me an email and let me know if this program worked for you.

Answers to any of these questions is highly appreciated.
  1- What part(s) of AsfTools do you use most?
  2- How useful is the F.A.Q. page?
  3- What do you wish to have in next version of AsfTools?.

* Also,
I'm continuing my work on next version of AsfTools. if you have a file that cannot be processed with current version, be sure to send me a sample with "Sampler" tool in AsfTools. Sending the download address is also helpful. The more samples I get, The more problems I can fix .

This software is provided "As Is" with absolutely no warranties of any kind. You are free to share this software with others as long as it is not altered in any way and no fee is charged. For more information, refer to the file "License.txt".

Send your emails to: myasftools AT (English please)
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