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... Mystery Science Theater 3000 was born on Comedy Central before the cable channel had its present name. It ran 7 years including a big-screen version of the show which ran in theaters as Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (which has never been seen on commercial tv), then ran another 3 years of new episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel. It is now frozen in its 10th year like Walt Disney.
"Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson), Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy), Crow T. Robot (Bill Corbett), and the evil Pearl Forrester (Mary Jo Pehl), are off on their final journey. After ten years of flight, it is time for the "Satellite of Love" to head home, while taking time to see the movie" (usually a bad one. So bad, they talk and joke during the dialogue...)

Harry Potter gets the MST3K Treatment - At RiffTrax

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection (11 volumes now available)

***** Sci-Fi channel episodes of MST3K aired at 9am Saturdays (EST/Pacific),
unless an infomercial ran an hour longer than scheduled...

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300 the Movie is now Funny with RiffTrax Mystery Science Theater 3000 Treatment for Hit Movies!

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Usually, the episodes run in order, but if an infinite number of monkeys were sitting at an infinite number of typewriters, they would have come up with the above schedule...

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Previously funny episodes on Comedy Central, all 7 years

Or click here for Monstervision with a link to Joe Bob's new website. You can also find host segments there for a movie reviewed by Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark...unpleasant dreams!

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A handful of videos of the episodes (and The Movie) are still available:
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie(1996)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Atomic Brain(1994)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Red Zone Cuba(1994)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Eegah(1993)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Mitchell(1993)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Unearthly(1992)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die(1991)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Cave Dwellers(1991)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Pod People(1991)

All Mystery Science Theater 3000 stuff available.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 videos you can buy

Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs are also available

A book is available about Mystery Science Theater 3000, as well as the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, and Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese (I think Mike now writes for Timmybighands.com)
Or would you rather just read every Harry Potter book you can get your hands on?

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