Hello, my name is Timothy Darwin, and I am the Director of My Data-Entry Team. I would personally like to invite you to become part of our team doing work-from-home data entry. We have guided thousands of team members to success using our new type of data- entry job called Global Data-Entry. Some members are currently making $300 - $2000 and more per day, using our program and guidance. We have been dealing with online data entry for over 5 years. Do you have a few minutes? I will explain more.

The Legitimacy of Our Company
and the Programs We Offer

First, I would like to make something very clear. We are NOT a get-rich-quick company. If you are visiting our Web site looking for this type of opportunity, I am sorry to inform you that the programs we offer are not get-rich-quick scheme. We are a legitimate company, offering legitimate work-from-home data-entry job opportunities that have proven success and that we stand behind 100% with our satisfaction guarantee.
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