The Ray Bradbury Theater Episode Guide (continued)

                         Compiled by Loren Heisey


                              VI. USA fifth production

                            Introduction by Ray Bradbury

          "People ask where do you get your ideas.  Well  right  here.  All
          this is my magicians toyshop.  I'm Ray Bradbury, and this is" The
          Ray Bradbury Theater.

          51  The Lonely One
          Several women try to decide whether to  walk  to  a  movie  since
          there  is  a serial killer on the loose in the town. Although her
          companions are reluctant to go, one of the women insists.
                    Joanna Cassidy
                    Sheila McCarthy
                    Ian Mune
              Supporting Cast
                    Maggie Harper                  Helen
                    Stephen O'Rourke               Officer Kennedy
                    Peter Rowley                   Druggist
                    David Perrett                  Frank Dillon
                    Chic Littlewood                Theatre Manager
                    Patrick Smith                  Pale Man
                    Elizabeth Pendergrast          Miss Roberta
                    Kathleen Kelly                 Miss Fern

          52  The Happiness Machine
          A man wakes up one morning and decides to build a machine to make
          happiness. It becomes an all consuming project much to his wife's
                    Elliott Gould
                    Mimi Kuzyk
                    John Laing
              Supporting Cast
                    Paul McIvor                    Saul Affmann
                    Tania Mason                    Naomi Affmann
                    Matthew Brennan                Aaron Affmann
                    Claire Chitham                 Rosalyn Affmann

          53  Tomorrow's Child
          Sometime in the future a couple tries a new  birthing  procedure.
          The equipment goes awry and they end up with a child they are not
          sure what to do with.
                    Carol Kane
                    Michael Sarrazin
                    Costa Botes
              Supporting Cast
                    Peter Bland                    Dr. Wolcott
                    Mark Clare                     Workman
                    Lisa Tapley-Bale               Mary
                    Mike Daly                      Bill
                    Mandy McMullin                 Sheila
                    John Kerr                      Don

          54  The Anthem Sprinters
          A well known American writer traveling in Ireland  gets  involved
          in a local sporting event.
                    Len Cariou
                    Robert Ball
                    Wayne Tourell
              Supporting Cast
                    Ken Blackburn                  Timulty
                    Ian Watkin                     Heeber Finn
                    Terry Hayman                   Fogarty
                    Bruce Allpress                 O'Gavin
                    Karl Bradley                   Cinema Manager
                    Grant Bridger                  Phil the Projectionist
                    Alister Babbage                Nolan
                    David Baxter                   Kelly
                    Maurice Keene                  Book Store Owner

          55  By the Numbers
          On a train a man runs across a former acquaintance and recalls an
          incident  some 10 years ago at a Hotel involving a drill sergeant
          father and his son.
                    Ray Sharkey
                    Geordie Johnson
                    Wayne Tourell
              Supporting Cast
                    Ciaran Pennington              The Boy
                    Marton Csokas                  Sid
                    Erik Thomson                   Young Man
                    Bruce Tegart                   Hotel Waiter
                    Nii Hammond                    Train Waiter

          56  The Long Rain
          A spaceship crash-lands  on  a  planet  where  it  is  constantly
          raining.  The survivors try to make their way to the Sundome that
          has been established on the planet.
                    Marc Singer
                    Michael Hurst
                    Lee Tamahori
              Supporting Cast
                    Brian Sergent                  Boltz
                    Mark Raffety                   Cooper

          57  The Dead Man
          A woman moves to a small town to take  a  job  as  a  manicurist.
          Being lonely she befriends a strange man who claims to be dead.
                    Louise Fletcher
                    Frank Whitten
                    Costa Botes
              Supporting Cast
                    Ross Duncan                    Mr. Simpson
                    Gilbert Goldie                 Mr. Gilpatrick
                    Peter McCauley                 Sheriff
                    David Taylor                   Radney Bellows
                    Irene Drake                    Mrs. Bellows
                    Alistair Douglas               Customer
                    Peter Morgan                   Rev. Polk
                    David Telford                  Henry Scott

          58  Sun and Shaddow
          A poor family has  their  meal  interrupted  by  a  film  company
          arriving to shoot in their town.
                    Gregory Sierra
                    John Bach
                    Stuart Margolin
                    Larry Parr
              Supporting Cast
                    Vicky Haughton                 Maria Reyes
                    Ken Blackburn                  Policeman
                    Lee Mete Kingi                 Tomas Reyes
                    Jose Bribiesca                 Jorge
                    James Roberts                  Andrew

          59  Silent Towns
          A man returns from the outback of Mars only to discover  everyone
          has been recalled to Earth.
                    John Glover
                    Monica Parker
                    Lee Tamahori

          60  Downwind From Gettysburg
          An Abraham Lincoln robot delivering the Gettysburg address at  an
          historical  tourist  site  is  assassinated.  The  man who did it
          claims to be Mr. Booth.
                    Howard Hessman
                    Robert Joy
                    Chris Bailey
              Supporting Cast
                    Kelly Johnson                  Phipps
                    Roy Bonnell                    Lincoln
                    Jim Rawdon                     Attendant
                    Timothy Dale                   The Boy

          61  Some Live Like Lazarus
          A young boy and girl meet at a resort and over the years as  they
          return each summer fall in love. However the boy's mother forbids
          him to marry the girl because she thinks the girl  who  works  at
          the resort is not good enough for her son.
                    Janice Rule
                    Yannick Bisson
                    Peter Sharp
              Supporting Cast
                    Yvonne Lawley                  Mother
                    Noel Trevarthen                Roger (age 60)
                    Katie Wolfe                    Anna (age 18-22)
                    Kristin Darragh                Anna (age 10-12)
                    Leon Woods                     Roger (age 10-12)
                    Andrew Thurtell                Paul
                    Greer Robson                   Carol
                    Deborah Kathrine               Hotel Maid

          62  The Handler
          A mortician tries to give his clients a  little  extra  treatment
          that he thinks they should have.
                    Michael J. Pollard
                    Henry Beckman
                    Peter Sharp
              Supporting Cast
                    John Sumner                    Mr. Stuyvesant
                    Peter Rowley                   Mr. Flinger
                    Lee Grant                      Mrs. Rogers
                    Lynne Skinner                  Mrs. Shellmund
                    Johnny Crews                   Mr. Wren
                    Steve Cleary                   Edmund Worth
                    Casey Anstiss                  Small Boy
                    Christopher Brodeur            Skateboarding Boy
                    Jocelyn Brodeur                Mrs. McNamara

          63  Fee Fie Foe Fum
          A mother lives in fear of her  free-loading  son-in-law  who  she
          thinks  is  after  her money and her house. Although her daughter
          tries to reassure her, the mother's fears are increased after the
          son-in-law  installs  a  supercharged new garbage disposal in the
          house where the three of them live.
                    Jean Stapleton
                    Robert Morelli
                    John Reid
              Supporting Cast
                    Lucy Lawless                   Liddy Barton
                    Patrick Smith                  Postman

          64  Great Wide World Over There
          A woman living in an isolated part of the country has a  neighbor
          who is always getting letters while she never receives any. Since
          the woman is illiterate she  has  her  visiting  educated  nephew
          write some letters for her so she can get mail like her neighbor.
                    Tyne Daly
                    David Orth
                    Ian Mune
              Supporting Cast
                    Bill Johnson                   Tom Gibbs
                    Helen Moulder                  Mrs. Brabbam
                    Frank Whitten                  Mailman

          65  The Tombstone
          A salesman traveling with his wife has trouble  finding  a  motel
          with  a  vacancy.  Finally  they  find  one  but  the  room has a
          tombstone in it.
                    Shelley Duvall
                    Ron White
                    Warrick (Waka) Attewell
              Supporting Cast
                    Desmond Kelly                  The Landlord
                    John Smythe                    Mr. Whetmore
                    June Bishop                    The Woman (Mrs. White)
                    Paul Royce                     The Couch Potato
                    Lyndon Peoples                 The Man (Mr. White)
                    Jocelyn Brodeur                The Young Lady


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