The Ray Bradbury Theater Episode Guide (continued)

                         Compiled by Loren Heisey


                             III. USA second production

                            Introduction by Ray Bradbury

          "People ask where do you get your ideas.  Well  right  here.  All
          this  is  my.  I'll never starve here. I'm Ray Bradbury, and this
          is" The Ray Bradbury Theater.

          19  The Dwarf
          The dreams of a dwarf turn into a showman's nightmare.
              Additional introduction
          "When I was 12 I met a magician Harry Blackstone who told  me  to
          live  forever. I decided I could. Mr. Blackstone introduced me to
          clowns, acrobats,  fire  eaters,  fat  ladies,  and  some  little
          people,  dwarves.  I've never forgotten. Every time I see certain
          kinds of strange mirrors, this is what I see."
                    Megan Follows                  Aimee
                    Miguel Fernandes               Ralph Banghart
                    Machs Colombani                Mr. Bigelow
                    Costa Botes
                    David Cameron                  Magazine Vendor

          20  A Miracle of Rare Device
          A mean-spirited man may ruin a desert mirage.
              Additional introduction
          "When I was a boy my dad looking for work picked up  my  mom,  my
          brother  Skip,  and myself, and headed west. Along the way in the
          middle of nowhere-what-so-ever-at-all on a hot summer desert noon
          with  the wind still and heat rising from the sand dunes, we were
          witness to a miracle. Years later I remembered the miracle. This,
          is that remembrance."
                    Pat Harrington Jr.             Robert
                    Wayne Robson                   William
                    Roger Tompkins
                    William Kircher                Ned Bantlin
                    Des Kelly                      Old Man
                    Barbara Laurenson              Old Woman
                    Helen Jarroe                   Woman
                    Ben Vere-Jones                 Young Man
                    Roy Wesney                     Old Man #2
                    Stephen Lovatt                 Xanadu Young Man
                    Peter Dennett                  Farmer
                    Annie Ruth                     Farmer's Wife
                    Baden Campbell                 Farmer's Son
                    Sarah McLaughlin               Farmer's Daughter

          21  The Lake
          A young man  returns  to  the  lake  where  he  had  a  childhood
          sweetheart a number of years before.
              Additional introduction
          "The long hot summers of childhood surround me  in  photos  taken
          along the shores of Lake Michigan. Looking at them many years ago
          I remembered when I built  impossible  cities  out  of  sand  and
          discovered that the lake could be a sorrow as well as a joy. When
          I finished writing this story at the age 22 I was in  tears,  and
          knew that at last I had become a writer."
                    Gordon Thomson                 Douglas
                    Eli Sharplin                   Young Douglas
                    Jessica Billingsley            Young Tally
                    Sylvia Rands                   Tally's Mother
                    Prue Langbein                  Douglas' Mother
                    Tina Regtien                   Margaret
                    Pat Robins
                    Jim Moriarty                   Lifeguard

          22  The Wind
          A man is pursued  by  the  violent  winds  whose  secret  he  has
              Additional introduction
          "Clocks, hourglasses, barometers. Who has not lain  on  his  back
          and wondered where the weather was born, and how it traveled, and
          why along the way it sometimes ate people alive. And  then  again
          late  nights  doesn't the wind outside your house scratch at your
          screen like a cat needing to be fed. And what then.  Do  you  let
          the wind in, and what happens if you do."
                    Michael Sarrazin               John Colt
                    Ray Henwood                    Herb Thompson
                    Grahame McLean
                    Vivienne Labone                Susan Thompson
                    Keith Richardson               Keith Parkinson
                    Anne Pacey                     Anne Parkinson

          23  The Pedestrian
          In  the  world  of  the  future,  a  man's  nighttime  walks  are
          considered deviant behavior.
              Additional introduction
          "Tennis shoes, to remind me of what. The first nights  of  summer
          when  as a boy I ran in the cool grass, or later walking at night
          being stopped by police who  were  suspicious  of  the  only  one
          walking  for miles and miles.  Upset with this encounter with the
          law what else could I do but write about shoes,  and  night,  and
          walking  as  a criminal in some future year in a story called The
                    David Ogden Stiers             Leonard Mead
                    Grant Tilly                    Stockwell
                    Alin Bollinger
                    Stig Eldred                    Voice (Out of View)
                    Matt Murphy                    Man on Television

          24  A Sound of Thunder
          A man who has hunted all the animals on  earth  travels  back  in
          time to bag a dinosaur.
              Additional introduction
          "Dinosaurs large and small fill my junkyard  workroom.  This  one
          given  to  me by a friend 30 years ago. These given as toys to my
          daughters, and when they didn't play with them I simply took them
          back.  So  with  dinosaurs  coming into my life, I often wondered
          what would happen if I could go back into theirs. Dinosaurs, time
          machines,  put  them together and you have a tale 1 billion years
                    Kiel Martin                    Eckles
                    John Bach                      Travis
                    Costa Botes
                    Micheal McLeod                 Agent
                    Micheal Batley                 Hunter
                    John McDavitt                  Hunter

          25  The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone
          A famous writer dies under mysterious circumstances.
              Additional introduction
          "I'm surrounded by file after file of ideas, stories, poems,  and
          fragments  of  novels  put  away over some 40 years. I go through
          them constantly and whichever story,  poem,  or  play  cries  the
          loudest  to  be  born  gets  written. But I've often wondered, if
          someone said to me your stories or your life would I save my life
          or my stories. And so the The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone was
                    John Saxon                     Dudley Stone
                    Alan Scarfe                    John Oatis Kendall
                    David Copeland
                    Susan Wilson                   Sara Stone
                    Lewis Rowe                     Dudley Stone's Publisher

          26  The Haunting of the New
          A man receives a phone call late at night telling him he can have
          a stately mansion, if it wants him.
              Additional introduction
          "This is a postcard from a friend overseas  which  caused  me  to
          write The Haunting of the New.  A postcard not a stumped lion, or
          a robot dinosaur, or a toy xylophone, but  an  airmail  postcard,
          yes.  Because  it  told  about  an  old house in a far place on a
          strange night. A house that died and came alive again and here is
          how it happened."
                    Susannah Yorke                 Nora
                    Richard Comar                  Charles
                    Roger Tompkins
                    Sheila Hammond                 Duchess

          27  To the Chicago Abyss
          In the future a man tells stories of how things used to be.
              Additional introduction
          "I have what seems to be total  recall  from  the  moment  of  my
          birth, but if it should falter the toys, the trivia that surround
          me in my workroom help me remember back 60 years. But what  if  I
          lost  all  these  in a fire?  Then I'd be forced to rely on sheer
          memory alone. But what about everyone else? Would they choose  to
          remember  or  prefer  to forget? Would my memories be a threat to
          them? To find the answer I wrote To the Chicago Abyss."
                    Harold Gould                   Old Man
                    Neil Munro                     The Stranger
                    Randy Bradshaw
                    Doreen Ibsen                   Woman in Park
                    Arne MacPherson                Young Man in Park
                    Linda Ravinovitch              Stanger's Wife
                    Bill Meilen                    The Policeman
                    Ronald Rault                   The Betrayer
                    Chad Krowchuk                  Joseph

          28  Hail and Farewell
          A 12 year old boy has problems growing up.
              Additional introduction
          "Here lie my first magic sets given to me when I was 10 years old
          when  I  thought by magic I could control the world around me. My
          parents gave me sweaters and socks for Christmas.  I  rebeled,  I
          wanted  to  stay  young,  a  kid with a magic set forever. I wish
          somehow I could smoke the proper cigars to stunt my  growth.  Out
          of  those Christmases and my secret desire to scrunch down and be
          10 years old forever the story that follows was born."
                    Josh Saviano                   Willie
                    Alan Kroeker
                    Georgie Collins                Old Woman
                    Trevor McCarthy                The Bully
                    Mary Day                       Charlotte
                    Christine McInnis              Charlotte's Mother
                    Judith Haynes                  Emma Webley
                    Frank C. Turner                John Webley
                    Mark Parr                      Tiny Tim
                    Frank Bueckert                 Ice Cream Man
                    Ann Allen                      Little Woman
                    Chad Cole                      Big Kid, Orphanage
                    Joel Dacks                     2nd Kid, Orphanage
                    Donovan Workun                 Bully's Sidekick

          29  The Veldt
          Two spoiled children use the power of their  magical  nursery  to
          rebel against their parents.
              Additional introduction
          "Africa, lions, and the great modern safari explorers  have  been
          part  of my life in or out of films or circus arenas or librarys.
          Here in my workroom motion picture television  machines  and  hot
          african  veldt  lens  join  and  come  alive.  What  was  Popular
          Mechanics fancy when I was 9 can be built today or written out in
          a  few hours to be let loose from my typewriter as a story called
          The Veldt."
                    Linda Kelsey                   Lydia Hadley
                    Malcolm Stewart                George Hadley
                    Thomas Peacocke                David McLean
                    Brad Turner
                    Damien Atkins                  Peter Hadley
                    Shana Alexander                Wendy Hadley
                    Del Mehes                      Mechanical Voice

          30  Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
          There are many wondrous things that small  boys  can  order  from
          mail order catalogs.
              Additional introduction
          "This is my copy of the Johnson Smith, Racine, Wisconsin catalog.
          Every  boy  in  America  at  one  time had one. You sent away for
          jokes, surprises, funny  faces,  whoopee  cushions,  and  magical
          illusions.  I sent away for my first Johnson Smith catalog when I
          was 10 because I heard you could buy things, strange things  that
          you  dumped in water or planted in your window box that grew, and
          grew, and grew."
                    Charles Martin Smith           Huge Fortnum
                    David Brandes
                    Marc Reid                      Tom Fortnum
                    Patricia Phillips              Cynthia Fortnum
                    Judy Mahbey                    Mrs. Goodbody
                    Frank C. Turner                Roger Willis
                    Dorothy Anne Haug              Dorothy Willis
                    Michael Leskow                 Joe Willis
                    David Mann                     Mailman


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