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Leonard Maltin hates the Police Academy movies. In the review of Police Academy 3, all he says in his book is how much he hates the sequel, nothing about the plot - "An improvement over #2, but that's not saying much: just another collection of pea-brained gags and amateurish performances." And he likes Laserblast!. Fortunately, your old friend Joe Bob Briggs is a little more open minded, so here are his reviews of the others:

Police Academy 2: The First Assignment (1985)

Steve Guttenberg returns from the original fruitcake comedy, arresting elementary school students and trying to find the evil gang painting the town brown and stealing all the paint they need to do it. Bobcat Goldthwait, the lead bad guy, says "Don't make me flare my nostrils!"
Four breasts.
Tear-gas attack.
Gratuitous Buffy from "Family Affair."
Three motor vehicle chases, with beach buggy.
Emergency tracheotomy.
Exploding car.
Kung Fu.
Graffiti Fu.
With Howard Hesseman of tv's WKRP as the scum-hating captain, Peter Van Norden as the chubster recruit who consumes a side of beef on-camera, Colleen Camp (disguising her chest as a Buckminster Fuller science project), and Bubba Smith, the ex-pro football player, who goes into a gay leather bar and makes a little fruit salad.

Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol

They've hacked this concept down to where every single character, INCLUDING Bubba Smith, gets about 30 seconds of screen time, except for Bobcat Goldthwait, who get a about a half hour of mumblin and eye-scrunchin and screamin. The cops don't have enough manpower so they scrounge up the scum-of-the-earth citizens that don't have jobs and bring em over to the academy and teach little old ladies to fire .44 Magnums and make killer skateboarder hoodlums learn water safety by sticking a wet T-shirt contest winner in the pool and having her say "Okay, who's gonna save me?" G.W. Bailey's back as Captain Harris, showing off that great Lubbock Theater Center classical training.
Two breasts.
Four onces blood.
Two car crashes.
One cycle crash.
Two motor vehicle chases.
One California-weenie skateboard chase.
Great roasted armpit scene.
Gratuitous aerobics.
Gratuitous slam-dunking of cast members.
Kung Fu.
Golf ball Fu.
Pigeon Fu.
Gay leather bar Fu.
Sani-Can Fu.
With Billie Bird as SWAT team grandma Mrs. Feldman ("Freeze, you scuzzbuckets!"),
Randall "Tex" Cobb as the guy who busts out of jail by making the guards play "Simon Says,"
and Steve Guttenberg as the same guy from the first three.
One-star deduction for a hot-air balloon scene.

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Best of all the "Academy" sequels, the one in Miami Beach, with no fewer than THIRTEEN people slipping on golf balls, tripping over curbs, or falling off balconies. Captain Harris and his weenie sidekick Proctor are trying to force Commandant Lassard to retire, but the plan doesn't work due to reasons I forgot, and they have a new fox in the cast--Janet Jones, the blonde from The Flamingo Kid. Absolutely no plot to get in the way of the story.
No breasts, but extensive cleavage on the enormously talented Leslie Easterbrook as Callahan.
Transvestite purse- snatcher tackling.
Giant attic-fan boat chase through the Everglades.
Gratuitous pet goldfish.
Kung Fu.
Golf ball Fu.
Frisbee Fu.
Metal detector Fu.
Fire extinguisher Fu.
Parrot Fu.
Bad Hawaiian shirt Fu.
With Rene Auberjonois of “Deep Space 9” as one of the finest dork jewel thieves in the history of the drive-in,
G.W. Bailey as the pants-dropping Captain Harris,
Bubba Smith as Hightower (airplane door-ripping, rubber-alligator wrestling),
David Graf as Tackleberry (holding a shark at gunpoint),
Lance Kinsey as Proctor (water-skiing on his hiney, ordering a Potato Colada, demonstrating how to attack a cactus with his crotch).

Police Academy 6: City under Siege

The series goes back to basics, with Tackleberry firing off handguns the size of Montana, Callahan and her two enormous talents kung-fuing the rookies, Bubba Smith lifting office buildings, Michael Winslow of Spaceballs doing the sound-effects voices, Proctor sucking up to Harris, Harris making a jerk of himself, and, of course, Commandant Lassard dropping bowling balls in the fish tank. The only new element is Kenneth Mars, the “Springtime For Hitler” guy from The Producers, [Mel Brooks movie version] as the Mayor who says "I'm sure you will help us tree these swine."
No breasts.
714 sight gags.
No plot to get in the way of the story.
Monster big-wheel truck motor vehicle chase, with six crashes.
Gratuitous knock-knock joke.
Kung Fu.
Giant stick Fu.
Sequel Fu.
Directed by Peter Bonerz (Jerry the Dentist on the original Bob Newhart Show).

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Sequel - Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow (1994) with G.W. Bailey, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Ron Perlman as Konstantine Konali, and of course Christopher Lee as Cmndt. Alexandrei Nikolaivich Rakov

The "Police Academy" movies are available on video and some are on DVD

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The Golfballs Sign In addition to Bad Medicine and the Police Academy movies, Steve Guttenberg also appeared in the scifi/horror film The Boys From Brazil. His most recent movie was a remake of Irwin Allen's 1972 upside-down ship adventure The Poseidon Adventure.

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