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A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)

I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka

At last count the performing Wayans were Cara Mia, Damien, Damon, Damon,Jr., Keenen Ivory, Kim, Marion, Michael, Nadia, and Shawn.
I muscled my way through I Gonna Git You Sucka, the 1988 parody of blaxploitation films, as well as A Low Down Dirty Shame and The Last Boy Scout, with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis.

Though I confess I didn’t find I’m Gonna Git You Sucka funny, it must also be noted that the film was in all probability not meant for me, a timid white man who grew up in a small outer-ring suburb of Chicago. I have not seen Foxy Brown, Superfly or Shaft, so many of the jokes are lost on me. Although I have seen "The Other Side of the Mountain" several times, if that helps.

I feel more qualified to comment on “A Low Down Dirty Shame” because a knowledge of Ron O’Neal films is not a prerequisite. Shame was written and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, who cast himself in the lead, most likely for tax reasons. It’s a fairly trite private eye story with a twist, the twist being that it’s really stupid. Jada Pinkett contributes most of the stupid by playing Peaches, Shame’s secretary. Pinkett’s scenes do go on longer than you can imagine, stretching far out into the event horizon. Though I don’t understand the physics involved, I know that you can watch her scenes in a moving car and come back home just in time to see yourself leaving.

“The Last Boy Scout” is a stupid movie and a sign of the end times, all rolled into one superviolent package. Though Willis, a specialist at stomach-churning violence, turns in another half-whispered, sub—Eric Roberts performance, it is neither he nor the uninspired Damon Wayans who must shoulder the blame. Its screenwriter was Shane Black, the author of “Lethal Weapon”, “Last Action Hero”, and “The Long Kiss Goodnight.” Black was paid a record amount for his screenplay, which consisted of several gun battles separated by misogynistic obscenities strung together in a manner that would make a drill instructor blush. Dozens of stable boys working tirelessly for weeks couldn’t muster the filth of a single Shane Black line.

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