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Julie (1956)

What’s that you say? A Doris Day movie couldn’t possibly be 100% Weird? Oh contrare. Doris Day is our title character, the stewardess on a commuter flight. Louis Jourdan, our favorite MonsterVision villain from Swamp Thing and Octopussy (a James Bond movie - the title refers to a pet octopus and shame on you for what you were thinking), costars as her psycho husband, who has already strangled her first husband. Now, he’s gotten into the cockpit and shot the pilot. The passengers help overcome him, but who will land the plane? Why, Julie, of course! With help from Frank Lovejoy of the 100% Weird movie Hitch-Hiker (directed by Ida Lupino of The Devils Rain), in the control tower to give her instructions.

I know what you’re thinking. Doris Day movie, must be lots of singing. Oh contrare again! “Julie” doesn’t burst into song at the drop of a hat, and there’s no Technicolor splashy dance number either. Perhaps that’s the main reason critics weren’t crazy about this one. When it comes to Doris Day, they want singin’ and lots of it.

Leonard Maltin calls it, “Overbaked soaper... sometimes tense, but too often unintentionally funny. Also shown in computer-colored version.” Of course, Leonard wasn't crazy about the remake either, "Airport 75" (1975), with Karen Black as the stewardess who has to fly the plane

After “Julie,” Doris Day went back to musicals and light comedy like It Happened To Jane (with Jack Lemmon & Ernie Kovaks).

Julie (1956)
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Now, could Jimmy Stewart ever be 100% Weird? Tune in 9-18-99 after MonsterVision and see. That’s when Jimmy, his pilot Jack Lemmon, and a planeload of Hollywood’s finest fly into the Bermuda Triangle and disappear in 100% Weird presents Airport ‘77.

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Doris Day
Recently a couple sued Bank of America for foreclosing on their house though they had never had a mortgage with the bank and in fact there was no mortgage at all on it. They won, but BofA refused to pay' so they had a peace officer sieze the local branch of Bank of America to pay the judgement right down to the branch's furniture and cash drawers. Within hours, Bank of America paid what they owed instead. Maybe they got the idea from a Doris Day movie "It Happened To Jane," in which Doris sues a railroad for ruined cargo and when they won't pay the judgement, she has their next train siezed when it comes into the station.

Real name Doris van Kappelhoff, she adopted the name Day from one of her early songs "Day By Day." She sang on 1940s radio with the Bob Crosby and Les Brown bands, then had her successful movie career 1948-68. In 1968 her husband of 17 years died and she discovered, as had Debbie Reynolds with her own husband, that her entire fortune had been embezzled. She sued her husband's lawyer, but the whole thing gave her a nervous breakdown, after which she discovered that her husband had essentially sold her to CBS for a sitcom. The TV-series lasted for 5 years, giving her some income while the six-year lawsuit dragged slowly through the courts, after which she retired from show biz when the judge awarded her $22,000,000.

The TV-series costarred Denver Pyle as her father Buck (1968-70), then John Dehner (of radio's Have Gun Will Travel) as her magazine boss (1971-73). Denver Pyle later found another long-running TV-series, The Dukes Of Hazard (1979-85) as Uncle Jesse. Doris today runs the Doris Day Foundation for the benefit of lost or abused pet dogs.
The famous Woodstock rock concert (1969) was originally supposed to end with Roy Rogers singing "Happy Trails," the song Woodstock's promoter remembered as a kid, but Roy turned them down.
According to a British survey, 1 in 6 will not get up to change the channel on the telly if the remote is out of reach, and half of Britains are too lazy to walk their dog regularly

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Fun fact:
As a teenager in 1939, Doris Day was such a good dancer that her mother agreed to let her go to Hollywood. But the car was hit by a train and it took Doris 2 years to heal. The doctors didn't know if she would ever walk again, so she turned to acting instead of dancing, though she says dancing will always be her first love. In December, 2011, she released her first record album in two decades, which included tracks by her late son

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