in Christian theology, eternal abode of those damned by God after death.
Souls in hell are led by Satan and deprived forever of the sight of God.
In legend it is a place of fire and brimstone, where the damned undergo physical torment.
Islam has a similar hell.
In the ancient Jewish Sheol or Tophet, souls wander about unhappily,
but Sheol later became much like the Christian hell.
AncientGreek mythology held that souls went to an underworld called Hades,
which has become a synonym for Hell.
Jesus preached that Hell was a place of woe and desolation, comparing it to
the barren valley of Gehenna near Jerusalem.

The Bible says that Satan will be thrown into a lake of fire after he loses his final battle.
Jews and early Christians believed that Hell for everyone else sent there would simply be an endless void: no light, no sensation, not even contact with other souls, forever.
If this doesn't sound like Hell, keep in mind that the worst form of punishment by a prison in the Western world today is solitary confinement.
In addition, Catholics believe that some believers must first do time in Purgatory.

Milton needed a name for the devil's capitol city in his epic poem, Paradise Lost. So he played around with Latin and Greek and came up with "pandemonium."
If you look at the middle of the word, beginning with the 4th letter, you'll see the appropriate word within the word.


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Definitions courtesy The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia