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The Hardy Boys was first broadcast on ABC 1-30-77, and Nancy Drew Mysteries the following week 2-6-77. The two continued on alternating Sundays (with the occasional 2-part crossover episode) until the series were combined after the 2-1-78 broadcast (this enraged Pamela Sue Martin, who left the series and eventually joined the cast of Dynasty (1981-84), see Biographies page). The series continued briefly with 18 year old actress Janet Louise Johnson as Nancy, then reverted to just the Hardy Boys. For this reason, there are a lot more Hardy Boys eps than Nancy Drew.
The last broadcast of The Hardy Boys was 1-21-79.

Both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were created in 1927 by Edward Stratemeyer, using the pen names Franklin W. Dixon for the Hardy Boys stories and Carolyn Keene for the Nancy Drew stories; his daughter, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, continued writing the books after his death (the original titles were rewritten starting in 1959, updating words, phrases and car styles, and in at least one case throwing out the entire original story because it was no longer politically correct).

The combined / separate series on TV Land are on an occasional broadcast basis. Here are episodes so far, see their website, TV Land & Nick-at-Nite for any scheduled this week.

#48703 - The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula -- Part I, When their father disappears while investigating multi-million dollar art thefts from European museums, the Hardy Boys team up with Nancy Drew to find him, and their search leads to a rock music festival in Transylvania.

#48704 - Part II, With Nancy Drew’s help, the Hardy Boys find their father lying unconscious in a monastery, victim of a bizarre vampire-like attack in Castle Dracula, outside of which a rock music festival continues despite the panic that grips the townspeople.

#48705 - The Mystery of The Hollywood Phantom - Part I, A detective convention in Hollywood turns into a perilous case when participants disappear at a film studio where Nancy Drew is attacked by a phantom figure.

Part II, Nancy, Joe, and Frank find chilling evidence that bizarre kidnappings at a film studio are following a movie plot. While being chased, Joe is deliberately trapped in a flash flood cycle of the tram tour.

#46707 - The Mystery of the Diamond Triangle: Nancy is mystified when, while sailplaning, she sees a car go off into a ravine, but a sheriff’s investigation can find no trace of the car or driver.

#48707 - The Mystery of King Tut’s Tomb: While sightseeing in Egypt, the Hardy Boys become caught in a dangerous adventure involving a golden idol stolen from a pharoah’s pyramid tomb.

#48708 - The Mystery of the African Safari: At an African game preserve, the Hardy boys investigate a huge poaching operation in which a great white hunter appears to be the prime suspect.

#48709 - Strange Fate of Flight 608: With the crew unconscious and engines faltering, the Hardy boys desperately try to pilot a plane carrying a graduating class of stewardesses through a hurricane over the Bermuda Triangle. Then one of the 4 engines catches fire and drops off.

#48710 - The Creatures Who Came On Sunday: The Hardy boys help a troubled young lady whose boyfriend disappears leading them to an old missile site inhabited by mysterious people.

#48711 - Oh Say Can You Sing, A beautiful singer is charged with hit-and-run driving, and her life and that of her victim depend on the Hardys’ investigative abilities.

#48713 - Acapulco Spies: In Acapulco, the Hardy boys discover hang-gliding, beautiful girls, and dangerous enemies while investigating the mysterious kidnapping of their father.

#48715 - The Mystery of the Silent Scream: A deaf girl lip-reads an extortion plot to bomb Las Vegas casinos and her life depends on the Hardy boys solving the case in time.

#46711 - The Mystery of the Ghost Writer's Cruise: A relaxing cruise on a luxury liner turns into a perilous adventure for Nancy after one of the men on board, a world-famous mystery writer, receives threats against his life. Nancy's father: William Schaller.

#46712 - The Mystery of the Fallen Angels: Following the theft of over a million dollars worth of jewels, a young man with a police record is wrongfully accused of the crime, and Nancy drew goes undercover with a traveling carnival to help clear his name.

#46713 - The Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker: Nancy Drew faces one of her toughest investigations when highly persuasive circumstantial evidence suggests that Chip Garvey, a college football star, is guilty of homicide.

#48716 - Sole Survivor: Joe regains consciousness in a Hong Kong hospital and is led to believe he was comatose for a year, and that his father and brother are dead. This premise was later used for an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.

#48718, The House on Possessed Hill: Frank and Joe Hardy probe the secrets of an eerie mansion seemingly controlled by terrifying forces, to help a psychic (Melanie Griffith) who is being hounded as a witch. Her dad is played by Lloyd Bochner of TZ (To Serve Man). The house is played by the mansion in "Psycho."

#48722, Death Surf: While windsurfing in Hawaii, Frank Hardy risks his life in a futile attempt to save a beautiful champion swimmer who mysteriously disappears into the surf.

#48723, Mystery on the Avalanche Express: Aboard a train to Austria with 15 of the world’s greatest skiers, Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew inadvertently become involved in the life and death struggle of a terrified girl fleeing from unknown assailants. Guest star: Fabian.

#48725, Campus Terror: Frank and Joe Hardy go undercover at a New England college to trap a kidnapper who has abducted three coeds and has terrified the campus with the threat to seize every coed in school. Guest star: Valerie Bertinelli.

#46803, The Mystery of Witches' Hollow: The Hardy Boys encounter a ghost-like figure and startling shrieks in a forest near Salem when they go to visit their friend Calley’s Uncle, Captain Maguire, and find that he has mysteriously vanished.

#46804, The Disappearing Floor: The Hardy boys are helping Fenton on a case involving Project K at Alphatech Corporation including a flying saucer, a vanishing man, a house that changes its interiors, and a collapsing floor.

#46805 "The Flickering Torch Mystery" While on a missing person investigation for their father, the Hardy boys uncover a plot against the life of the nation’s top rock performer, Tony Bird.

#46806 "The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin" The Hardy boys become involved in an unusual case of smuggling when they try to unravel the mystery of an ancient Chinese statue treasure.

#48726 "Arson and Old Lace" Frank and Joe Hardy race against time to save Nancy drew from an arson fire in a skyscraper penthouse, where a reclusive billionaire who believes she is an actress he loved in the past is holding her hostage.

#50801 "Life on the Line" Joe and Frank Hardy are assigned by the Justice Department to protect the daughter of a former mobster who is about to testify against the other members of his crime ring. These 4 eps are from the final season, when the basic premise was thrown out altogether and the Hardy Boys became Federal agents

#50808 "Dangerous Waters" A beautiful girl disappears while trying to piece together clues to the location of a lost pirate treasure. Joe and Frank Hardy are hired by the girl’s mother to find her. Guest stars: Robert Loggia, June Lockhart (who later played Harry Potter's witch mentor in Troll).

#50817 "The Last Kiss of Summer" (Part I) Joe’s plans to marry his fiancee, are upset when a careless motorist collides with their car. Federal authorities want to delay the hit-and-run probe to pursue a robbery-murder case against the same man. Despite warnings, Joe decides to crack both cases at once.

#50818 "The Last Kiss of Summer" (Part II) Memories of his deceased fiancee haunt Joe Hardy as he pursues the man responsible for her death, while Frank battles for his life against man-eating sharks in a deadly ocean trap.

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