Planet Terror and Deathproof

Starring Rose McGowan and Kurt Russell, with Bruce Willis

Recreating the no-budget action titles of the past, directors Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez combine their talents to create two over-the-top "films" with a host of crazy stuff in between! Zombies, machine-guns, car crashes! Descriptions of each "half" follow below. Includes spoofs of sex & violence movie trailers in between by various directors including Rob Zombie, with one for "Werewolf Women of the SS." The movies:
DEATH PROOF Psycho Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell of Escape From NY) uses his souped-up car as a murder weapon against beautiful women - until he meets his match taking on a bevy of sexy babes!
PLANET TERROR Sexy Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling sports a machine-gun for a leg, her ex-boyfriend is a one-man army - and they'll need help facing down an army of gory zombies!

Although all the fake movie trailers were for movies that didn't exist, "Machete" (2010) has been made from one of them and actually grossed more than "Grindhouse", followed by sequel "Machete Kills." Hobo With A Shotgun followed in 2011, released in Canada and then iTunes a month later.

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