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SEASON 1 1. Two on a Raft 2. Home Sweet Hut 3. Voodoo Something to Me 4. Good Night, Sweet Skipper 5. Wrongway Feldman 6. President Gilligan 7. Sound of Quacking 8. Good-Bye Island 9. The Big Gold Strike 10. Waiting for Watubi 11. Angel on the Island 12. Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk 13. Three Million Dollars More or Less 14. Water, Water Everywhere 15. So Sorry, My Island Now 16. Plant You Now, Dig You Later 17. Little Island, Big Gun 18. X Marks the Spot 19. Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy 20. St. Gilligan and The Dragon 21. Big Man on Little Stick 22. Diamonds are an Ape's Best Friend 23. How to be a Hero 24. The Return of Wrongway Feldman 25. The Matchmaker 26. Music Hath Charm 27. New Neighbor Sam 28. They're Off and Running 29. Three to Get Ready 30. Forget Me Not 31. Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home? 32. Physical Fatness 33. It's Magic 34. Good-Bye, Old Paint 35. My Fair Gilligan 36. A Nose By Any Other Name SEASON 2 37. Gilligan's Mother-in-Law 38. Beauty is and Beauty Does 39. The Little Dictator 40. Smile, You're on Mars Camera 41. The Sweepstakes 42. Quick Before it Sinks 43. Castaway Pictures Presents 44. Agonized Labor 45. Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet 46. Hi-Fi Gilligan 47. The Chain of Command 48. Don't Bug the Mosquitoes 49. Gilligan Gets Bugged 50. Mine Hero 51. Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue 52. Not Guilty 53. You've Been Disconnected 54. The Postman Cometh 55. Seer Gilligan 56. Love Me, Love My Skipper 57. Gilligan's Living Doll 58. Forward March 59. Ship Ahoax 60. Feed the Kitty 61. Operation: Steam Heat 62. Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? 63. Ghost a Go-Go 64. Allergy Time 65. The Friendly Physician 66. "V" for Vitamins 67. Mr. and Mrs. ??? 68. Meet the Meteor 69. Up At Bat SEASON 3 70. Gilligan vs. Gilligan 71. Pass the Vegetables Please 72. The Producer 73. Voodoo 74. Where There's a Will 75. Man With a Net 76. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 77. Ring Around Gilligan 78. Topsy-Turvy 79. The Invasion 80. The Kidnapper 81. And Then There Were None 82. All About Eva 83. Gulligan Goes Gung Ho 84. Take a Dare 85. Court-Martial 86. The Hunter 87. Lovey's Secret Admirer 88. Our Vines Have Tender Apes 89. Gilligan's Personal Magnetism 90. Splashdown 91. High Man on the Totem Pole 92. The Second Ginger Grant 93. The Secret of Gilligan's Island 94. Slave Girl 95. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan! 96. The Pigeon 97. Bang! Bang! Bang! 98. Gilligan, the Goddess
Group photoWho would you vote off the island? This three-year tv-series would go on to be one of the all-time most popular in reruns; it has never been off the air somewhere in the world. The pilot episode was never broadcast on the network as is due to cast changes but, like Star Trek, used in a later episode as a series of flashbacks. It was only in the pilot that we heard the Skipper's first name (Jonas Grumby) and Gilligan's first name. The Professer's name, by the way, was given as Ray Hinkley in at least one episode.
In case you're the one person left in the world who hasn't seen an episode of this series, here's a description: The SS Minnow leaves Hawaii for a three-hour tour & gets caught in a storm. Well-meaning but inept Gilligan (the only crewman) throws out the anchor, with no rope attached. The next day, Skipper & Gilligan (Alan Hale, Jr & Bob Denver) wake up on an uncharted island with the passengers:
The ultra-rich Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus)
Mrs. Lovey Howell (Natalie Schafer)
Movie-star Ginger Grant (Tina Louise)
Farmgirl Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells, who recently published a Mary Ann's cookbook)
The Professor (Russell Johnson)
For an uncharted island, they were always being visited by guest stars. One week it might a rock band looking for solitude from their screaming fans, a biplane pilot Wrong Way Feldman (Hans Conreid), an astronaut in a space capsule, or a bored big game hunter who decides to hunt down Gilligan in a spoof of "Most Dangerous Game" starring Rory Calhoun (which was also later spoofed by Ice-T in his movie Surviving The Game) The island lagoon was built right in the studio parking lot so when the series ended, it was simply a matter of removing the water and hauling away the sand to turn Gilligan's lagoon back into a paved parking lot. Russell Johnson has starred in at least one Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie and in recent years has done voice work including the syndicated radio series Imagination Theater, which is heard here in California on San Diego radio station KFMB 760 every Sunday and streaming on their website at 10pm/1am EST followed by a Twilight Zone radio episode. He had previously been one of 3 stars in Western TV-series "Black Saddle" (January 1959 to September 1960) as a Marshall following an ex-gunfighter trying to go strait. Alan Hale, Jr., had been in a number of movies, usually as secondary characters, and starred in the 11/52 to 3/53 TV-series "Biff Baker, USA" as an international importer who travelled all over the world with his wife & kept running into spies. It was not a comedy
Jim Backus had a long career in radio and TV sitcoms like "I Married Joan" and "The Jack Benny Program," and movies starting in 1949 up to Kurt Russell's 1972 invisible man movie "Now You See Him Now You Don't." His 1950s Mr. Magoo cartoons as the voice of Magoo became the primetime 1964/65 series after the popular "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" broadcast. He also wrote 3 books as well as numerous radio & TV scripts. When Hollywood decided to do a live-action Mr. Magoo movie, Backus was in ill health (from which he never recovered) and Leslie Nelson was cast in the role.
Natalie Schafer had a long comedy movie career starting in 1944, and was an actress on stage before that. Other than guest roles, this was her only TV-series.
After Gilligan's Island, Bob Denver costarred in "The Good Guys" 1968-70' about a beachfront diner, costarring Herb Edelman & Joyce Van Patten. It was renewed after its first year but then cancelled mid-season in January 1970. Denver had previously been in the 4-year TV-series "The Many Lives Of Dobie Gillis" 1959-63, as a bearded beatnik friend of Dwayne Hickman. The series followed Bobie thru high school, the Army (1961) and finally college. The series had a large supporting cast over the years including Tuesday Weld and Warren Beatty in 1959/60, Sheila James as Zelda and William Schallert as Mr. Pomfritt. I also think a certain bearded beatnik in Scooby Doo was inspired by Bob Denver's character Maynard.
Gilligan's Island ran on CBS all 3 years, though at a different time & day each year. 1964/65 @ 8:30pm Saturdays following the Jackie Gleason Show. Oddly, rival NBC scheduled the primetime animated series "Famous Adventures Of Mr. Magoo" at 8pm, which would have encouraged Jim Backus fans (the voice of Magoo) to change the channel to CBS at 8:30
1965/66 @ 8pm Thursdays following The Munsters
1966/67 @ 7:30pm Mondays competing with The Monkees over on NBC at the same time. The Monkees outlasted Gilligan's Island, followed by I Dream Of Jeannie in 1966/67 and The Man From UNCLE n 1967/68. Gilligan's Island was followed years later by a series of Gilligan's Island movies.

Take the Gilligan's Island Poll: which one would you vote off the island first? The last time I checked, Mrs. Howell and Regis had a third of the vote each, with no one else even close. He never shoulda irritated everyone by firing Kathy Lee.
Movie: Rescue From Gilligan's Island

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