Daredevil (2000)

Several years ago,
it is quite likely that you were one of the millions who bought a ticket to see X-Men or Spiderman in the theater. The massive success of these two movies convinced studio execs that the public was desperate for any and all things Superhero. In short, it is because of you, yes you, that the film Daredevil darkens our world.

Daredevil tells the story of lawyer Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck), who due to a childhood accident involving toxic chemicals has no fear. He is thus able to leap off of skyscrapers and land on the ground without shattering his tibias. Along the way he encounters Elektra (Jennifer Garner), who he fights on a teeter-totter, Bullseye (Colin Farrell), who embraces every stereotype about the Irish, (namely that they have really good aim) and Michael Clarke Duncan, who plays against character for once, in his groundbreaking role as A Really Big Guy.

Only a fool would choose to leap headfirst into such a world of second tier heroes on his own, and Mike Nelson, despite voluntarily spending hours of his time watching Daredevil, is no fool. So his good friends Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, (who are both also Men Without Fear, and the voices of MST3000's Tom & Crow T. Robot) are all along for the ride. It's a trio of crime fighting Riffiness that no Riffaholic should Riff without.

NOTE: This RiffTrax will only work with the Theatrical release of Daredevil. We have been made aware that there is a Director's Cut, but seeing as the description of the Director's Cut has the phrase "including an entire subplot involving Murdock defending a murder suspect played by rapper Coolio", we feel we have made the right decision in choosing to riff only the Theatrical release.

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MST3K is Back!   - RiffTrax

click link for the RiffTrax website and get Mike's commentary on MP3 (it only costs a couple of bucks and change). Then play the MP3 on your favorite computer or MP3 player while you enjoy the movie, for running commentary by Mike plus the voices of Tom and Crow T. Robot. To put Mike's voice directly on the movie DVD and sell it all together would have meant buying rights to the movie and who has that kind of money? Especially after Crow lost all the money from the guys' MST3000 years to some fellow in Nigeria who promised to wire millions of dollars to Mike as soon as he got the bank account number...

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