The Cat From Outer Space (1978)

 Disney An extraterrestrial cat named Jake (real name "Zunar J5 Zoric 9/49," voice of Ronnie Schell, who also plays Sergeant Duffy) is forced to crash-land his spaceship on earth. He then proceeds to lead a physicist, his girlfriend, the Army, and a team of baffled scientists on endless escapades during his unscheduled visit while he tries to get it repaired so he can return home. 104 minutes rated G. Final film of director Norman Tokar, an old Disney hand (The Happiest Millionaire) before he died the following year.

Semi-remake: Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", released four years later
Cast: Ken Berry, Harry Morgan of Dragnet, McLean Stevenson, Sandy Duncan (Peter Pan), Jesse White (Harvey), Hans Conried (the 5000 Fingers of Dr.T) and Roddy McDowell of Fright Night.

"The Cat From Outer Space" aired in 2005 on the Hallmark Channel, followed by Jason And The Argonauts (TV-movie remake)

That Darn Cat! (1965)

 Disney His name is "D.C." -- short for "Darn Cat" -- the sleekest sleuth ever to grace the silver screen. Hayley Mills stars as a girl with an active imagination who contacts the FBI when the Siamese suddenly sports a wristwatch around his neck. She's convinced it's the tip-off to crack a baffling bank robbery and kidnapping case. Dean Jones is the feline-allergic Fed who sniffs around for clues when it turns out to be the watch of a woman being held by kidnappers. "With its clever mix of mystery, romance, and all-out slapstick, THAT DARN CAT! is the cat's meow for purr-fect family entertainment!" 116 minutes, rated G. Based on "Undercover Cat" by Mildred & Gordon Gordon
Dean Jones, Roddy McDowell of Planet Of The Apes, Neville Brand, Dorothy Provine, Elsa Lanchester (the Bride herself), William Demarest, Ed Wynn and Frank Gorshin of Batman

Hayley Mills can also be seen on the Hallmark Channel in The Parent Trap from time to time

Remade in 1997 by Dean Jones, Peter Boyle, Doug E. Doug, Michael McKean, Bess Armstrong, Dyan Cannon, John Ratzenberger, Estelle Parsons, and Rebecca Schull - in a dull, pointless film even worse than the 1995 remake of "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" (the one without Kurt Russell)

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Fun fact: "The Cat From Outer Space" costars both colonels from television's M*A*S*H - Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson) and Sherman Potter (Harry Morgan)

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