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Blood Surf (2001)

movie poster Don't you just hate it when there's some gnarly waves, and a great point break, then a giant saltwater crocodile starts eating the people? That's the plot of this one, basicly a bad remake of "Crocodile" and "Lake Placid" (both seen on USA Network) from time to time.
Scheduled on the SciFi Channel on Saturday
followed by Octopus 2 (about a giant mutant octopus)

Crocodile (2000)

She's big, she's green, and she's after the teens who destroyed her nest. Mark McLaughlin, Caitlin Martin, Rhett Jordan, Sommer Knight (real name Wynter Daye), Julie Mintz, D.W. Reiser, Chris Solari
No relation to Alligator (1981)

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