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Update, :
Most Air America programs are still broadcasting on most of the affiliates despite the bankrupcy. Thom Hartmann (still on Mon-Friday 8pm-Midnight) says only three programs were produced directly by Air America, and I would be surprised if Ron Reagan doesn't find a new producer/distributor. The rest of your favorite progressive talk programs are produced and distributed independantly, and will continue to be heard coast to coast. Current schedule and various show's links

When Air America Radio launched in April, 2004 with already-known personalities like Al Franken and then-unknown future stars like Rachel Maddow, it was the only full-time progressive voice in the mainstream broadcast media world. At a critical time in our nation's history when dissent on issues such as the Iraq war were often denounced as "un-American" Air America and its talented team helped millions of Americans remember the importance of compelling discussion about the most pivotal events and decisions of our generation.

Through some 100 radio outlets nationwide, Air America helped build a new sense of purpose and determination among American progressives. With this revival, the progressive movement made major gains in the 2006 mid-term elections and, more recently, in the election of President Barack Obama and a strongly Democratic Congress.

We are proud that Air America's mission lives on through the words and actions of so many former radio hosts who are active today in progressive causes and media nationwide. In the years ahead, as we look back, we should all be proud of our passionate determination to assure that our nation's progressive voice would be heard loud and clear. Through the hard work and dedication of current staff, and those who preceded you, a lasting legacy was forged which will now continue through other voices and venues.
Thank you.

Most programs are distributed via live uplink, so they should continue airing at their regular time and day.

Did you know that Canadian Bacon starring Alan Alda was Michael Moore's first movie? He wrote and directed it after his 1989 documentary "Roger & Me."
Most recent Air America schedule courtesy XM Radio