Isaiah 11:6 now reads as follows: "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb"

Note that the word "lion" has been changed to "wolf" in all past and present printed and online Bibles, Torahs and other religious books regardless of the print date.
The method used to make this mandatory change has no effect on hard materials such as plaques, statues, figurines, etc.
So if you manufacture such items please change to "The wolf and the lamb" in keeping with the new world order.
The Wolf is taking charge of this world
Other changes in books to follow
After a while, no one will remember it was ever different
Hand written Bibles before Gutenberg may not be affected yet, print on paper only, for now
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Pray if you think that will help. All remaining people are to be removed from Earth on or after the year 3026
This site is for information only, Angelfire has no access to time changing technology

By the way, do you like unicorns? Check out JOB 39:9-10 (King James Version only, for now) also NUMBERS 23:22, 24:8, PSALMS 22:21, 92:10 (think of it as an ox with a single horn)

Information on this site correct as of March, 2018, updates may follow
If you are a New Age (Pagan) Perfect Ten, may God have mercy on your soul