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My Mother, the talented creator of this site, lost her battle with cancer on August 6th, 2000. She is now with God, watching over us all, smiling. I will do my best to keep this site going, and make her proud. I love and miss you Mom. Love, your daughter, Becky

Yet another year passes and the pain of missing you doesn't get any less. I love you Mom. Becky 12/04/2004

Yet another year and I only miss you more, the pain never eases. I love you Mom. Becky 01-17-2006

08-06-2006 It has been 6 years today since you have been gone. I miss you as much as I did the day you left us. I hope you are watching over us and at peace. I love and miss you so much Mom. Love always. Becky

Did you ever hear of Nimrod Minnesota?

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Hi I'm glad you're here. I am going to try a home page and I hope in time it will be a nice place to visit. My name is Brenda and after 20+ years of being a single parent and my children all grown up I decided to try it again and get married.

My husband Russ and I went out about 20 years ago but he married someone else! I told him he would be sorry and sure enough 9 years ago he called and now I'm married!


We had a beautiful place that was near Minneapolis Minnesota. The "Big cities" were getting too close for us and we began to look for our dream. Would you believe we found it near a little town in north central Minnesota named nimrod (don't laugh that really is its name). Nimrod (which means hunter) has a population of 72. In the early 1900's it was a booming logging town and had grocery stores and hotels and a few restaurants but now it only has a gas station, Church and a bar. Now don't laugh we are not real primitive, about 20 miles away there is a town named Menahga which is the gateway to the pines of Northern Minnesota. A great guy named Dave ownes the spirit lake motel there so if you are visiting Nothern Minnesota stop and see him, you'll enjoy yourself, great fishing! Anyhow, we found 11 acres with 700 feet of river frontage on the beautiful crow Wing River. The only traffic I ever see is canoes.


Now 11 acres of woods takes some work to get a house built on it. The first time we came here I got 50 feet from the truck and got lost! But Russ got busy and all by himself cleared and built a wonderful home in the woods.

When our children sing over the river and through the woods to grandmas house its true.


Our new neighbors are kind of cute.

And the people are nice too!

OK enough of this silliness. We started to make a home here in the woods and tried to create a yard with the help of the critters. The place where Russ retired from kept asking him to come back to work for awhile and help. So he did! Now I only have to be a full time wife on the weekends ;-) A few months later I broke my leg, ankle and a few other things trying to be Annie Oakley. That is when I discovered the Internet and months of having different casts and operations were made so much happier with all the wonderful friends I have met.


Please visit my friend Uteesh and his wonderful family in India. He has been a great friend and a wonderful help to me. His home page is just great and you can learn about the beautiful country of India and so much more from this kind and patience man.


Also stop for a visit at my oldest son Bob's home page he is a pastor in North Dakota (the page is temporarily down while a new site is being made.


My daughter Becky raises Quarter Horses and has her own homepage. Stop by and say hello to her.


Ok now I will try some pages on my own. Please let me know what you think I will accept all the help I can get!


Thank you and have a wonderful day.


You can visit me at work Cayenne Trading Company where you can learn about herbs and minerals.


My pages will be an on going process so please stop again.


Some great pages I have found are the Berry Patch and Mr. Moms check them out.


Now some of my stuff

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The following pages were found almost complete, and are being published post-humously in loving memory of my mother.... With Gods help, some great people, and lots of luck. I (Becky) plan to keep this site up and running and hope to make my mother smile as she watches over us all. The email address and ICQ number have been redirected to me. Anyone with ideas or questions, please contact me. We miss and love you so much Mom. Love your kids, Bob, Blair, Becky And Ben.

Dash See

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It is a honor to receive these awards and I am humbled.

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