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Uniden BC245XLT/Radio Shack Pro 92/94

TrunkTracker II

Incorporates SMARTSCANNER. Using your ZIP Code you can have all frequencies in your area downloaded directly to your scanner - both trunking and conventional systems - using the supplied cable and your own external modem. New users and even the pro's can get their units up and running quickly - without hassle of finding the orrect frequencies, systems, etc. for your area.

New Rail Road Service Search that when the squelch is broken, it alternates between the actual frequencie and the AAR channel.

Automatic back-lighting can be set so the display will light when a transmission is received - perfect for use at night.

Unit to Unit cloning lets you program one BC245 and clone it to other

BC245's automatically .

PC-Controllable - using third party software (similar to the BC895XLT

control port)

Will Trunk/Scan the following modes:

Conventional, non-trunked frequencies

1 Motorola trunked system

1 EDACS trunked system

2 Motorola trunked systems simultaneously

2 EDACS trunked systems simultaneously

1 Motorola trunked system AND 1

EDACS trunked system


1 Motorola trunked system AND conventional frequencies

1 EDACS trunked system AND conventional frequencies


300 channels total (30 channels x 10 banks)

20 channels search-skip memory

20 channels service search skip memory

Frequency Ranges:

29 to 29.7 MHz (10 meter amateur band)

29.7 to 50 MHz (VHF low band)

50 to 54 MHz (6 meter amateur band)

108 to 136.9875 (Aircraft band)

137 to 144 MHz (Military land mobile)

144 to 148 MHz (2 meter amateur band)

148 to 174 MHz (VHF high band)

406 to 420 MHz (Federal gov't land mobile)

420 to 450 MHz (70 cm amateur band)

450 to 470 MHz (UHF standard band)

470 to 512 MHz (UHF ÒTÓ band)

806 to 956 MHz (Public service band, except cellular band)

162.400 to 162.550 MHz (.025 increments; WX channels)

LCD (with AUTOMATIC back lighting) 10 digits and special annunciator

Volume control, power off/on switch, Squelch control

External jacks for Antenna (BNC), 3.5mm headphone (stereo and mono)

800mAH battery included (4.7VDC)

AD-70U A/C Adapter included (120VAC)

Scan Search rate of 100 channels per second

Turbo Scan Search rate of 300 channels per second

Scan delay control

Fully compatible with Motorola type I, II, IIi

and hybrid trunking systems; GE/EDACS trunking systems

Compact size - 2.5in. x 1.7in. x 6in., Weight 12.6oz.


**Note Pictures to Follow SOON!**

I have recieved word that Radio Shack is releasing a BC245XLT clone, which will almost the same. I am waiting for this version to come out, in the near future. If you have anymore infomation, please email it to me.

New Info! The Radio Shack Pro 92 will be a 500 channel, trunktracking scanner that will monitor all of the Motorola trunk systems,EDACS, and LTR. It will also have alpha tagging for trunk ids.

It will also include SAME weather reports,CTCSS/DCS decode and a cloning interface.

Coverage: 29-54, 108-174, 308-512, 806-960 

The Pro 92's cousin is the Pro 94, which is a 1000! channel handheld.It will track all analog Motorola systems, and EDACS trunked systems. It has extended coverage which includes the 220MHZ, and the 1240 MHZ ham bands. It too will have SAME weather alert, although it will not have the display. Memory is arranged in 20 banks of 50 channels, with 20 priority channels.

Coverage: 29-54, 108-174, 216-225, 406-512, 806-960 and 1240-1300 MHZ.

Also the Pro 2052 will be the base equal. It will be a 1000 channel scanner with trunking capabilites, along with computer control, military air and everthing else. It will not be able to track LTR systems. It also has SAME weather alerts although with no display, and a built in RS-232C serial interface which permits computer control, uploading, downloading, and cloning. It has also 20 priority channels,data skip,and search skip.

Coverage: 29-54, 108-512, 806-960, and 1240-1300 MHZ