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Nathan's Adam Sandler Page

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What's New

I put up a chat room right on my web page, so feel free to chat about Adam or anything else. Plus a Happy Gilmore sounds section, and what I have of pictures so far is up, and some guitar tabs are up also.
I am currently redoing the whole format of my webpage, redesigning the i-face, please feel free to e-mail me and tell me if you like the new style better or worse. Sorry if everything isn't all put together, but I'm working on it!


If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me. All the files on this page were scanned / recorded / made by me. So, please, don't steal anything off of this page. If you notice an image not showing up, or a broken link, please e-mail me. My e-mail address is
If you have ICQ then you can give me a page, my UIN is: 33784871


They're All Gonna Laugh At You (Album)

Adam.Wav The Beating Of A High School Janitor (359 KB)
Adam1.Wav The Beating Of A High School Bus Driver (562 KB)
Adam2.Wav The Beating Of A High School Science Teacher (256 KB)
Adam3.Wav The Beating Of A High School Spanish Teacher (366 KB)

Happy Gilmore (Movie)

Stiller.Wav Ben Stiller tells grandma off (401 KB)
Wacker.Wav Happy being funny (157 KB)
Tappy.Wav Happy gets mad at the ball (199 KB)
Swearing.Wav Happy swearing a lot (231 KB)
Mista.Wav The mista mista lady (594 KB)
Mista2.Wav The mista mista lady again (176 KB)
Jackass.Wav Guy who annoys Happy (114 KB)
Fingers.Wav Old lady whos fingers hurt (446 KB)
Dressup.Wav Happy being funny again (158 KB)
Bar.Wav Shooter making a fool of himself (559 KB)
Bar2.Wav Happy gets mad at Shooter (279 KB)
Alligatr.Wav Chubbs with alligator story (700 KB)

Adam Pictures

If you would like to see some pictures of Adam then goto my Adam Pictures Page.

About Me

If you would like to know about me and see some pictures then goto my About Me Page.

About Adam

If you would like to know what I know about Adam Sandler then goto my About Adam Page.

Guitar Tabs

If you would like to see some guitar tablature for Adam's songs then goto my Guitar Tabs Page.


If you would like to see the awards my page has won then goto my Awards Page.

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Adam Sandler Movie Poll
What's your favorite Adam Sandler Movie?

Going Overboard
Shakes the Clown
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
The Wedding Singer
The Waterboy

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Adam Sandler Quiz

ID :

1. How many albums does Adam Sandler have out? (Not including soundtracks from any of his movies)
1 album
2 albums
3 albums
4 albums

2. What's the city, state, and country where he was born?
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Orlando, FL, USA
Seattle, WA, USA

3. What's the month, day, and year he was born?
January 26, 1972
December 3, 1969
March 16, 1968
September 9, 1966

4. Which movie did Adam Sandler star in with Damon Waynes?
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison

5. Which movie did Adam Sandler star in with Drew Barrymore?
Mixed Nuts
Going Overboard
The Wedding Singer

6. In what year did Adam Sandler release "They're All Gonna Laugh At You"?

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