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Monster Rancher TV Shrine!

Attentions Tiger Fans! I found out who really does Tiger's voice! It isn't Scott Mcneil, it's Brian Drummond. Scott McNeil does Grey Wolf!

Welcome to my Monster Rancher TV Shrine, the page devoted to the Monster Rancher TV series!

Monster Rancher is about a boy named Genki who wins the Monster Rancher Grand Tournument and recieves the "Monster 200X" game. He plays it right away, where there is a girl and a Suezo are being chased by a group of Black Dinos. The girl and Suezo enter a Temple and put a disk thing down in the middle of the room. The girl unlocks the disk, and at the same time Genki is sucked into the tv, and reappears where the disk was. He helps them get away from the Black Dinos and finds out that the girl is Holly, and the Suezo, Suezo. They are on a journey in search of the Pheonix, so that all the bad monsters will be turned back into good, and to stop Moo. Genki joins them and that is where there journey begins. The first monster they unlock with Genki's game cd is a little duck type thing, which Genki names Mocchi.

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