Final Fantasy 7 Rumors

Final Fantasy Seven was an epic game, and somewhere along the line, some people got confused as to what was going on. They got the wrong impression about a certain scene or phrase, and started talking about what they thought it meant. Thus, the rumors were born. There are too many rumors about FF7 to list them all, but here I'll do my best to report the major ones, and why they aren't true.

  • Reviving Aeris From The Dead:

    This one is a prize-winning hoax. It sucked so many gamers so completley in that some players still refuse to admit that it's not possible. What happened was this. An American gamer (I won't give anyone's names here, for the sake of privacy.) was playing a Japanese copy of FF7, and he came to the scene in the Forgotten City in which Bugenhagen reveals that Aeris' prayer to the Planet was answered before Sephiroth killed her. The gamer, not being able to read Japanese, thought this was, in fact, a failed ressurection atempt, and began talking about on DALnet. Another gamer (who called himself Ben Lansing) heard this kid talking, and began concocting a way to actually revive the girl. He knew this wasn't actually possible, but he wanted to see if anybody would take him seriously. To Ben's suprise, his posts were greeted with extreme enthusiasm. People wanted to know, in detail, how they could revive Aeris. So he told them. (I won't list the whole process here. It's long and invovled, and 100% fake.) The hoax gained steam, and more and more people started getting into it. Ben claimed to be a translator for Square, and while translating the game, learned of the process. (By the way, Square didn't translate the game. Sony did.) Finally, the uproar about it began dying down as Ben mysteriously vanished from the net. He returned one last time, to post a confesion, and then he left forever.

    Aeris can only be revived through a GameShark. She cannot ever be revived through the game.

  • Finding A Third Hidden Character, Zack

    This was another popular rumor, but was umtimatly disproved. Several people thought it was possible to get a third hidden character named Zack because of the one empty character slot in the PHS "Exchange Part Members" screen. (Actually, most games where you have the ability to switch characters in a screen like this will give you one extra spot, to make it easier to use.) Zack and Cloud, looked a great deal alike, and were friends back when Cloud worked for Shinra. For a complete explanation of their relationship, go here.
    This rumor seemed almost as plausible as the "revive Aeris" rumor, until people began discovering a hidden flashback (not an FMV, as I had here before) in the basement of the Shinra Mansion. In it, You see Cloud and Zack trapped in two glass tubes in the lab. They escape, and hitchhike to Midgar. As they walk over a hill and get their first glimpse of the city, they are atacked by Shinra soldiers. Zack is killed, and Cloud is wounded and left for dead. So, before AVALANCHE ever attacked the first reactor, Zack was dead. Recently, people have put out a new theory. In Wall Market, there's a man in a black Cloak with a "II" tatooed on him. He doesn't say anything. When you come back to Midgar using the "Sector 5 Gate Key," the man is gone, and a women tells you he left mumbling about a "Reunion." He is, of course, a Sephiroth Clone, leaving to be at the Jenova reunion. Certain folks on the Net, however, thought that he was Zack, and the "II" signified that he was second in power to Sephiroth. So they began saying that it was, in fact, Zack. They offered no way to get him to join your party, since he obviously had Mako Poisoning, just like Cloud did. Vigilant people found these flaws, posted them, and the Zack movment eventually lost any credibility they might have had. There are still a few people who spread this rumor, but they are few and far between.

    Zack died before the game ever began. There is no way to get him into your party. (BTW, if you really want to see him fight that badly, go play Ergheiz. Beat the game once through, and he's there.)

  • Getting Silver or Rainbow Chocobos

    One of the silier, more non-senseical rumors, this never really fooled anybody. Basically, it said that by breeeding a Gold Male and Gold Female with the right nut, it was possibleto get a chocobo that went under water, into mountains, even into cities. This was rediculous, because The game creators themselves have told people that there are no chocobos beyond what everyone already knows about. Even if you got both chcobos up to class S, got every nut available in the game, and bred them with each one, you'd never get a new type of chocobo. So don't waste your time trying.

    There aren't any chocobos beyond what everyone already knows about. The only proven way to get a new colored-chocobo is to hit the Tint button on the T.V. remote.

  • Getting The Ultimate Materia, Black Materia, or White Materia

    There were several rumors involving unatainable, or just plain non-exsistant materia. The Ultimate materia was probably the most outrageous. It was said to give you every spell, summon, and commmand in just one materia. To get it, you were told to get the three Master Materias, then go talk to Bugenhagen (Before he dies.) He will tell you about a secret huge materia, hidden in his lab. He opens the door, you touch the materia, you see a FMV, and receive te Ultimate Materia. This, of course, is a total lie, without even a grain of truth to it. the other rumors revolved around getting either the Black or White materias. People created countless scams to get these, but none of them worked. The Black and White materias weren't supposed to be used except to summon Holy and Meteor. They have no other purpose.

    The White and Black Materia are unuseable as normal materias. The Ultimate materia does not even exist. You can't find them.

  • Joining the Turks

    This was a rumor that never really gained much ground with anyone, and was never spread around that much. Supposedly, you could find the Turks somewhere in Midgar (Only if you didn't fight them in the Train Tunnels), and they would invite you to join their organazation. All your people would wear black suits and shades, get new attacks, and get to do new missions. It's all completely false. After the Train Tunnels the Turks dissapear from the game forever. You can't do anything more with them.

    You cannot join the Turks. You are never even given the option to do so.

  • Supernova Summon, Lion Summon, and Knights of a Higher Order Summon

    These rumors have been popular for a while now. The Supernova Summon is supposed to be obtained by throwing Cloud's Ultimate Sword at Safer Sephiroth. You then get blasted out of the crater, and end up back by the Highwind, with the Supernova summon. The Lion Summon is supposadly obtained in much the same way. You throw a Megalixer at Bizzaro Sephiroth, you get blasted back to the Highwind with the Lion Summon. The Knights of a Higher Order is supposadly obtained by mastering the regular Knights 13 times, then touching the red Huge Materia in Cosmo Canyon. All 13 of the Knights merge into one materia, which attacks all enemies 169 times. As you've probably already guessed, these are all just rumors.

    There are no materias called Supernova, Lion, or Knights of a Higher Order. They do not exsit in the game.

    Here's an alternate hoax also promising a Supernova Summon.

    instead of Throwing Cloud's ultimate weapon you go to Junon after you get the highwind. Talk to evryone in Junon (above and below). Then go to the place where you go onto the boat. If the boat is gone you'll see a guy who says he hasn't had a girlfriend in a long time If Tifa and Yuffie are in your party Then they'll both give him a kiss and you'll get the Supernova Materia. However I've tried this and it doesn't work. You can talk to everyone have tifa and Yuffie in your party and talk to that guy but you wont get it nor wil either of them will kiss that sailor.

    Thanks to Ultimate234 for sending this one.

  • Metallo-Cloud

    This was another rumor that never gained much credibility. For one thing, it sounds like the work of imagination, and not something that would actually be in the game. Secondly, it would was easy to try it, an discover it didn't work. What the rumor essentialy said was that in the final fight with Safer-Sephiroth, Cloud would (for various reasons) be shot up into the sky. A comet would hit him, and cover him in some kind of metal, turning him into Metallo-Cloud. He would then fall back to the crater and kill Sephiroth. Unsuprisingly, this simply doesn't happen, no matter what you try.

    There is no way for Cloud to ever transform into Metallo-Cloud.

  • Hidden X-rated Video

    Another rumor that was never taken seriously, this one purpoted that there was a hiden video withing the game in which Cloud and Tifa "get it on", so to speak. Unfortuantly for all you horny guys out there, this just sin't so.

    There are no pornos in Final Fantasy 7.

  • Alternate endings for Vincent and Yuffie

    In theory, this rumor made sense. When it was put into practice, however the results were less than satisfying. What this one said was that there were alternate endings that were shown if you got Vincent or Yuffie. Since these characters weren't seen in the real ending, yet were in the game, people automatically assumed that there must be other endings that did include them. This was further supported when someone with the PC version discovered that the file containing the ending had three movie files in it. He or she assumed that one was the common ending, and the other two were the hidden endings. However, this assupmtion was an error. The ending video for the PC version uses all three movie files. They were all a part of the common ending. Thus, we arrive at the following conclusion.

    There are no alternate endings that include either Vincent or Yuffie.

  • Aeris as a prostitute

    There was a small rumor which someone sent to me which said that if you named Aeris Easy, she would talk to you about prostitutes. Obviously, this is not true.

    Aeris will not become a prostitute, no matter what you name her.

  • Masamune For Cloud

    Another rumor which I received in the mail, this one tells you to gather 5 of the "mythril" items which you need to get the Great Gospel Manual. You take the 5 items to the Blacksmith, where they can be exchanged for the masamune sword. It's the same as Sephiroth's eveidently, except that it can be equiped by Cloud. However, seeing as how you can't get 5 mythril stones (normaly, I'd assume its possible with a GS), we can safely assuem that:

    Cloud does not, at any time, get a Masamune sword which he can use as a weapon. I've been told that there is a similar sword that can be bought in Wutai. It isn't the real Masamune, though.

  • Infinite Money Card

    This rumor is persistant, because there actually was such an item in one version of the game. This item supposedly acted like a crdit card, giving you infinite money. It could be found in Kalm, in the tower in the middle of the town. Unfortunatly for all of us gamers here in the States, this only exsisted in the Japanese version. It was taken out when the game was imported to the U.S.

    There is no Infinite Money Card in the American or International Version of FF7

  • Recruiting Sephiroth

    I'm suprised at myself for forgetting to add this one for so long. It's a fairly popular rumor. Some people beleive that the 1/35 Soldiers are part of a side-quest to recruit Sephiroth. You would need to collect a large amount of them, usually a dozen, and then you would be able to get Sephiroth as a party member. This already makes very little sense, seeing as how Sephiroth is the end boss of the game. Anyway, I've collected lots of the soldier items at the Speed Square, and I still don't have Sephiroth. So it's safe to assume:

    Sephiroth will never join your party, (outside of the Kalm flashback), without the use of a GameShark.

    Thanks to Sky Guy for pointing this one out to me.

  • White Chocobo

    One rumor is the flying white chocobo you mix  2 great yellow class S chocobos and get two blues and 2 greens and get them to the best and class S then mate the 2 blue to get another blue and same with green then get the 2 offspring from the 2 blue and 2 greens up to the best they can get and class S mate them and get 2 Black chocobos to the best and class S and mate them to get 2 Gold chocobos get them to the best and class S then morph an enemy in Sephiroth's cave thing to get a special (don't remember name) Nut and mate the two golds with that nut and you will get a white chocobo and it can fly.

    I tried this myself, and found it to be false.

  • Cloud's Fifth Limit

    Open the first two treasure chests in the Northern Crater then you go to Lucretsias cave (only by sub or chocobo) and Then you fight Vincent's Spirit (1,000,000HP+) and if you win you get Cherry Blossom Cloud's Fifth limit.

    Cloud has no slot for a 5th level limit, so this one is logically false.

  • Getting J. Juggler

    Go to Gold Saucer Wonder Square and use the fortune machine You need to get a card that says odd things in the future( 1/1000 chance) Leave Battle Square and you'll meet J. Juggler your new party member. Fight the Brown Weapon. One of the montains on the World Map is acctually a weapon with 2 million plus HP.

    Chances are, any rumor which tells you to repeat an action hundreds of times is probably trying to have a laugh at your expense. Don' waste your time, this one's false.

  • Alpha-Levithain

    Take your silver chocboo and go underwater to the crater that Emmy sometimes floats over. Descend into the crater to fight Alpha-Levithain.

    For this to work, you need a silver chocobo, but you know by now that that ain't happining.

  • Sleepy Materia

    If you rest at every possible point in the game, you'll get a special materia. You must sleep in every inn, every save point, and at every other point where you have a chance to sleep. Then rest in Cosmo Canyon, Burgenham's ghost will appear and give you a materia that restores every characters' HP and MP either in battle or on the world map.

    Ponder this one for a moment. Why on earth would the good, logical people at Squaresoft create a materia which restores all HP and MP, when a materia costs MP to use in the first place? Trust your instincts, folks.

  • What the tissues do

    If you have 100 tissues before the accident in Mideel you'll find out what their for. Go into Mideel and watch the scene with the lifestream and Diamond Weapon, after that's done go back into Mideel and you'll see a women crying. Talk to her and she'll say, "Gotta blow my nose." Do you want to give her the tissue, yes or no?? If you say yes she'll use all 100 of them and then tell you the secret to bringing Aeris back.

    I have never heard this one before, but it seems way too bizzare to be true. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was definitley not true.

  • Karsten the Ninja

    If you have Yuffie in your party go to the same forest that you accquired her in. Here Yuffie and Karsten will fight to see who is the Ultimate Ninja. Karsten is suspossed to have an attack that steals all your items (she likes items over materia).

    When will people learn? Ther are no hidden characters beyond Yuffie and Vincent. Period.

  • Bring Aeris Back

    By the time Aeris dies all your characters must be at level 99. If this happens Cloud will go mano a mano against Sephiroth. If you win Aeris lives.

    The method may be diffrent, but the results are the same. The only way to bring back Aeris is to use a GameShark. The writers chose her death as one of the focal points on which the story hinges, and therefore never included any method within the context of the story.

  • Fight Turqoise Weapon

    With the Tiny Bronco go all over and somewhere in the shallow water you'll see a head moving around( like Ruby). Make contact with it and you'll fight Turquoise Weapon( the hardest of them all)!!

    This one's easy to disprove. Simply fly around in the Tiny Bronco for a while. You won't be able to find this elusive character anywhere on the map. Take it as a hint: he's not there.

  • Fight the Brown Weapon

    One of the montains on the World Map is acctually a weapon with 2 million plus HP.

    Same as above. Fly around for a while, bumping into mountains. No matter where you go, you'll never find a Brown Weapon.

  • Getting Excaliber

    To get excaliber you must have all the slots on Clouds Ultimate Weapon filled up with Kotr Materia.

    Filling Ultimate with Mastered Kotr is a near-impossible task. And one thing these rumors should have taught you is that anything which seems nearly impossible to do will almost never yield any results at all. This rumor is flase, once again.

  • Getting the Tiny Bronco back

    Through all of this you must have Cid in your party. First go to Gold Saucer Speed Square, here win the Super Sweeper. Now go to Lower Junon. Talk to everyone in Lower Junon three times. Upon doing this a man will tell you he's good with machines and that he needs a Super Sweeper. Keep talking to him and Cid will relize that the Super Sweeper can be used to fix the Tiny Bronco. Go back to Rocket Town and Cid will make the repairs.

    I think a more important question is why you would ever want to get the Tiny Bronco back?

  • 8 statues of Sephiroth

    Suspossibly you can find 8 statues of sephiroth through out the game. If you find all 8 and if you have the Masasume blade you can get Seph. by taking all 9 items and going to the weapon shop man(below Gold Saucer). He'll give you copy of sephiroth for your party.

    Take a look at the other Sephiroth example above. The same explanation applies to this one.

  • Wooden Chocboo

    Steal Yuffie's father's underwear and go to a forest to find the wooden chocboo. Possibly the dumbest rumor.

    I like Nathan's comment at the end. It mirrors my sentiments closely.

  • Gold Murasane Blade

    Get every possible point combination from 3000 to 5000 in Speed Square and the item is yours. The weapon is said to be worth over 10,000,000 gil.

    Once again, a task so impossible that it must be wrong!

    Thanks to for the last 13 goes to ~*-Nathan Simon-*~

  • Get Teioh in your party

    Teioh is the champion racing chocobo from the Gold Saucer; apparently it is possible to obtain his rider, Joe. To get him, you must have six chocobos at class S. Go to the Gold Saucer and find Dio in one of the game arenas. He'll start to brag about his champion Chocobo racer Teiho. Go and sign up for a chocobo race and choose the fourth chocobo on your list. You'll race one-on-one with Joe, and, if you beat him, he'll join you.

    Repeat testing of this rumor has proved it false. Dio will never do what he's supposed to, and there are no vs. races in the Golden Saucer.

  • Get Secret Character Holy

    Apparently it is possible to get a secret character called "Holy", an angel type character with 80,000 HP and 8,000 MP, with a weapon called "Angel Sabre", who can use any magic or summon materia unlimite times. To get him, you supposedly defeat the Emerald and Ruby weapons and get all of the 1/35 solider, then go to where Aeris is buried, where you will see the white materia. Holy will then break out of it and join your party. I have not checked this yet, and my source had not beaten the Weapons, so this remains suspicious and unconfirmed.

    The "unconfirmed and suspicious" portion at the edn should be a clue. It indicates that this is 100% false, and that there are no secret characters beyong Vincent and Yuffie.

    *Thanks to Simon Henriksson for those last 2*

  • Getting Supernova (again)

    You need to get up to 1,000,000 gil and defeat the ruby weapon and then earn another 300,000gil and buy the costa house then go talk to the guy at the boat dock(then one who has never had a girl friend) then you get an option to give him the million gil give it to him and suposily if you go back to costa he'll be in your house and talk to him and he will say hey i'll trade you a good materia for this if you say ok then you get supernova summon

    Well, just like the other Supernova rumor, this one's a fake. You can't get Supernova, ever. But even so, why would you want to? KOTR is so much better, it's almost funny.

    *Thanks to Redrubydragon7 for that one*

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