Personal Information

Personal Information

This section is designed to let you know a little bit more about me, the creator and caretaker of this site.

Real Name: Matt Hiatt

Residence: Anoka, Minnesota



What I do with my existance...

Studying to be a writer, writing, attending public school, listening to lots of music, et al.

In the CD Player...

Bad Religon, Sublime, Everclear, 311, Black Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, Cyphesy and Internecine (Local bands), The Grateful Dead, Nirvana (Kurt is NOT dead), 2 Skinee J's, Misfits, Bob Marley, Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine, Dave Mathews Band, Downset...

On the bookshelf...

  • I Rant, Therefore I Am; Dennis Miller.

  • Ender's Game; Orson Scott Card

  • Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot, and Other Observations; Al Franken

  • The Catcher In the Rye; J.D. Sallinger

  • 1984 and Animal Farm; Orson Wells

  • The Great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Cannery Row; John Steinbeck

  • The Old Man and the Sea; Ernest Hemmingway

  • A Brief History of Time; Steven Hawking

  • Dune; Frank Herbert

    Cool Cinema...

  • Clerks - A story of two slackers. Amidst a video store and a convienece store, two teenagers discuss love, life and philosophy in this succesful black and white comedy. Easily one of the most watched movies I own.

  • Monty Python's The Life of Brian - This movie parodies the life of Christ, using another, slightly less mystical figure named Brian as it's focus. I prefer this to the Holy Grail, because I think it says something about the blindness of religon while also making me laugh.

  • Mallrats - Filmed near my home, it's from the same guys who made Clerks. Also features Jay and Silent Bob, two staple characters of these stories. Looks at a day at the mall.

  • Airplane - Parody of popular 70's disaster films, it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Also introduced Leslie Neilsen to the world as a comedic actor.

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