FF7 Links

Cathy Okuda's FF7 Page
A FF7 page that reveals many secrets and also has some good downloads.

FF7 Music
A page with a download-able FF7 Music File. I recomend you get this, as it's very good quality.

FF7 Pics
A site with some of the more unusual pictures and drawings not commonly seen. The only drawback is the loading time, but trust me. It's worth it.

More FF7 Pics
Another FF7 Pics site. Although this site has most of the more common images, it is still a very useful place to go.

Squaresoft Homepage
This site has lots of info and pics of FF7, plus many other games.

FF7 - Cheats, Hacks, and More!
This site reveals lots of secrets, plus it finally lays the whole "Revive Aeris" controversy to rest.

Sephiroth007's FF7 Gallery
This site contains more than 60 FF7 pics.

Matt's Final Fantasy Site
This is a nice site with information about FF7, FF8, and FF5. Very well put together and maintained.

Complete FF7
A nice FF7 site, whose URL I received via E-mail.

FF7 World
An interactive FF7 sim where you can fight against people or role play and have fun. *ICQ needed to join.*

Sky Guy's FF7 Page
A nice FF7 site with a walkthrough, Chocobo Guides, and a Map.

A new site, which has information on FF7, 8, and 9.

Krayzie's FF7 Page
A really nice looking layout, with a lot of pictures.

Sean's FF7 & FF8 Page
A page that promises lots of info with good organization.

Final Fantasy Masters
A new site that looks very good. Has information on 7 and 8, and makes good use of frames.

The Ultimate Final Fantasy Domain
Contains a plethora of Final Fantasy guides, walkthroughs, and cheat sheets.

Cloud85's Realm of Final Fantasy
A solid site, with info from all the PSX Final Fantasy games.

>center?>a href="http://www.glemham.freeserve.co.uk">Final Fantasy VII Heaven
An excellent site, with lots and lots of information available.

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