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Michaela's Hope ~ links to other Sites

Michaela's Hope

If your child has been diagnosed with Anencephaly,
please visit the Association of Birth Defect Children, Inc. and consider registering.

My Favorite Sites

Anencephaly Support Foundation
Mary Elizabeth Karg
Association of Birth Defect Children Inc.
Family Village page about Anencephaly
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Folic Acid Information Page
SHARE Atlanta~ Pregnancy loss information and stories
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Jessica's Story~Anencephaly
Waiting with Love ~ For Parents who's babies will die at birth of shortly after
Abiding hearts~ Parents who continue a pregnancy after adverse prenatal diagnosis
Hope's Memorial~Anencephaly
Amanda's Memorial~Anencephaly
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Annalise's Memorial~Anencephaly and Spina Bifida
Caleb's Memorial~Anencephaly
Loren's Story ~ Anencephaly
My Newest Baby Sister due 2/14/03