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1999/2000 TEAM LINEUP

Medford wrestling expects 1999/2000 to best season ever. Second year head coach Dennis Whitman and assistant coach Nick Neuman have proven they know what it takes to put a dominate team on the mat. Coach Whitman has earned the respect of both wrestlers and fans. He has proven he is willing to go the extra mile to develop a great wrestling program. Last season he made himself available for extra workout, and during the summer months worked with many wrestlers in a Freestyle/Greco program. Coming off a very good 13-3-1 season, the 1999/2000 team is very experienced and looks to take the next step to the State Tournament. Medford returns 10 starters, 4 who participated in the State tournament. This from the 1998/99 team that during the season defeated State Runner-up New-Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva. Ten varsity wrestlers invested time this summer to compete in Freestyle/Greco wrestling. This team has good chemistry, with upper classmen that are proven leader/winners, and underclassmen that are good listeners with exceptional talent. Medford is well balanced, has no glaring weakness, and will be extremely tough through the middleweights. As the season move on this team should mature into the BEST wrestling team Medford has ever produced.

Sophomore Greg Brendemuehl will make the minimum for the first time, and will have a solid season. He is a very quick, aggressive and punishing wrestler. Greg wrestled Freestyle/Greco again this summer, placing 1st in both categories at 88# in State, and 1st in Greco Nationals. Over the last two years Medford is 57-7 at 103# and Greg will continue that quality of wrestling. Greg is 3-0 this season.
Extras : Dustin Kavitz(8) compiled a 13-3 JV record; Dan Simmons(8) compiled a 8-5 JV record.

Nick Yule another sophomore gets his first chance on the varsity. Over the last two year Nick has been positioned behind two fine wrestlers, Mitch Kuhlman (31-5, 97-98) and Andy Cowell (25-6, 98-99). This has given Nick a chance to learn and develop into a quality wrestler. Nick has invested many summers wrestling Freestyle/Greco, qualifying at 112# for the State Freestyle Tournament in 1999. Nick wrestles under control and has good mat presents. Nick is 3-0 this season.
Extra : Matt Barta(10) compiled a 9-7 JV record.

Sophomore Brent Reinhard comes off a great first year on varsity, with 26-2 record and trip to the State Tournament. Last year at 103# Brent showed great mat presents and good mental toughness, winning the close matches. Brent does not get flustered and works methodically to dominate a match. Brent is 0-0 this season.
Extra : Brent Yule only an eight grader may get his first shot at varsity. Brent has invested many summers wrestling Freestyle/Greco, qualifying at 115# for the State Freestyle Tournament in 1999. Brent wrestles with great intensity. Do not be surprised when he beats quality wrestlers with years of varsity experience. Brent is 2-2 this season.

Sophomore Chad Mifek, has worked hard wrestling through the summer and is a greatly improved wrestler. In the 1998/99 season Chad was competitive in 90% of his matches while compiling a very deceiving 6-18 record. Chad natural weight was 119# but was forced to compete most of the year at 125#. Chad wrestled Freestyle over the summer and will greatly improve on his 1998/99 record. Chad is 1-2 this season.

Senior Tri-Captain Blaine Kuhlman, has 130 win, 4 trips to the state tournament, a 6th and 2nd place finish the last two seasons. Blaine is a great team leader who pushes himself and pulls his teammates. Blaine leads by example. Blaine is the most consistent wrestler on the team. On the mat he is a punishing, physical wrestler who is outstanding from the feet. Blaine is 3-0 this season.
Extra : Scott Balzer(8) was an impressive 12-5 at 125# on JV.

Freshman Mitch Kuhlman, has already compiled a record of 64-6, 39 pins, 2 trips to the State tournament, and a 3rd place finish in 1999. Mitch has a legitimate shot at the all-time state win record of 210 and the state pin record of 127. He would need to average 36.5 wins and 23 pins over the next 4 years. Mitch is an extremely hard worker with the attitude of team first individual goals second. Very well developed physically and mentally he is already one of the states best wrestlers. Mitch is 3-0 on the season.
Extra : Sam Mielke(11) compiled a 7-6 JV record: Jeremy Kaplan(8) compiled a 10-9 JV record.

Senior Tri-Captain Jeremy Glende, is one of the best wrestlers Medford has ever produced with 87 career wins. Jeremy got a taste of the State tournament last season while compiling a 28-4 record. Jeremey showed a lot of heart in the 1999 Section tournament, after losing a 1 point match in the finals he wrestled a very tough match for true second. Jeremy is smooth and very quick from the feet, and an exceptional combination wrestler with good riding and pinning combinations. Jeremy is 0-0 on the season.
Extras : Brent Glende(10) was 2-3 on the varsity at 140# last season and will be a solid backup if not earning this spot. Brent is 2-2 on the season.
Mitch Elzen(8) compiled a 9-8 JV record.

Sophomore Steve Maas showed real improvement last season in a very tough 145# weight class. Steve improved from 7-24 as an 8th grader to 16-17 as a 9th grader, he will easily improve to a 20+ win season. Steve worked very hard over the summer lifting weights 4 and 5 times a week and wrestling in the Freestyle program. Steve is 3-1 on the season.
Extra : Junior Shawn Barta finished last season with a 12-14 record, vastly improved from the prior year 4-24. Shawn wrestles extremely hard in practice and will transfer that to the mat this season.

Senior Tri-Captain Cary Leibeg was the most improved wrestler on the team last season. Cary will be a stopper this year after going 20-12 in 1998/99. During last season Cary developed into a solid more predictable wrestler. Cary worked hard over the summer wrestling Freestyle/Greco to improve technique and gain mat time. Cary works hard in the practice room improving conditioning. Cary is 3-0 on the season.

Junior Jay DeCoux, coming off a strong 16-16 season at 160# will have an excellent season. He is the best-conditioned wrestler on the team. Jay is a very dangerous wrestle to compete against. Jay does not quit and does not stop attaching his opponent. He has tremendous heart and gives 100% all the time. Jay is 2-0 on the season.

Sophomore Bob Hanson gets his first full-time shot on varsity. As a Freshman at 171# Bob compiled a convincing 18-1 record on the JV Team. Bob got a chance to wrestle varsity in the Section tournament were he was 1-2, and competitive in both losses. Bob is 2-2 on the season.

Senior Aaron Schroht was impressive last season in his first year as a regular starter. Aaron finished last season at 15-13, and improved steadily throughout the season. Aaron has good technique, quickness and strength, a lethal combination in a big-man. Aaron is 2-1 on the season.
Extra : Bryan Mielke(11)

Paul Karow(10) is a wrestled well this summer is Freestyle and has tons of potential. Paul is 2-2 on the season.

Neomi Runyon(Captain), Katie Paul, Melissa Cornelius, Kristin Smith and Crystal Bock
Advisor Rosie Schmitz