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Medford has a new coaching staff with Head Coach Dennis Whitman and Assistant Coach Nick Neuman. Medford is looking forward to a very promising season. This team is young but does Not lack experience and is loaded with potential. They have 11 returning starters from last seasons team that was nearly .500 and good upcoming wrestlers. If this years team matures and gets leadership from the upperclassman, as expected, it will be the BEST Team Medford has ever produced.

Freshman Brent Reinhard is in his first year as a starter. Brent has shown he is a disciplined, hard-working individual with the physical tools and mental toughness needed to excel and is off to an excellent start. Brent finished the season at 26-3 and a trip to the State Tournament.
Nick Yule is a Freshman who has a lot of summer wrestling expirence. Nick has a 1-0 record
Greg Brendemuehl, a Freshman with great potential, is a bit too light at 85-90 pounds. Look out for Greg next year!
Extras at 103#
Dan Simmons(7)
Dustin Kavitz(7)
Matt Barta(9)

Andy Cowell is in his Senior season and poised to make a push to the State tournament. Andy finished the season at 25-6.
Brent Yule is a solid backup as a 7th grader.

Mitch Kuhlman, standout 8th grader, looks to make his second trip to the State tournament. Mitch is an extremely hard worker who knows what it takes to succeed and has been rock solid. Mitch finished the season at 33-1 and a third place finish at the State Tournament.

Freshman Chad Mifek, another first year starter, is gaining valuable mat time with each match. Chad finished the season at 6-18.
Extras at 125#
Scott Balzer(7)

Captain Blaine Kuhlman, only a Junior, picked up his 100th win early in the season and looks to improve on last years 6th place showing at the state tournament. Blaine is a punishing, physical wrestler with incredible stamina. Blaine finished the season at 31-2 and a second place finish at the State Tournament.
Extras at 130#
Jeremy Kaplan(7)

Captain Jeremy Glende, another outstanding Junior with over 60 wins, is ready for the next step to the State tournament. Jeremy is an exceptional mat wrestler with a good variety of rides and pinning combinations. Jeremy finished the season at 28-4 and a trip to the State Tournament.
Sophomore Sam Mielke continues to wait in the wings.
Extras at 135#
Mitch Elzen(7)

Sophomore Shawn Barta has come into his own this season as he is wrestling everyone tough. Shawn finished the season at 12-14.
Freshman Brent Glende has already cracked the lineup and produced with a 2-3 record.

Freshman Steve Maas is vastly improving during his second season on varsity. Steve finished the season at 16-17.

Cary Liebeg has provided a lot of excitement in his Junior season. Cary is an explosive individual with great athleticism. Cary finished the season at 20-12.

Jay DeCoux, just a Sophomore, is showing supurb potential in his second starting season. Jay is a great counter wrestler who can turn a seemingly bad situation to his advantage. Jay finished the season at 16-16.

Senior Kevin DeCoux is the anchor in the upper weights. Kevin finished the season at 16-12.

Junior Aaron Schroht has been impressive as a first year regular. Aaron finished the season at 15-13.
Freshman Bob Hanson is pushing hard for mat time. He provides much needed depth in the upper weights. Bob finished the season at 0-2

Matt Larson has finally given Medford some ability at the heavyweight spot. Matt finished the season at 14-15.

Neomi Runyon(Captain), Katie Paul, Melissa Cornelius, Kristin Smith and Crystal Bock
Advisor Rosie Schmitz