"Make The Peace"
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February 2000

"Make The Peace" Campaign

Please join with us as together we build peace in Olmsted County, Minnesota!

VIOLENCE HAS NO PLACE IN THE WORKPLACE...You're the one who heard the yelling that hurled the abuse behind the doors which hid the boss who hated mistakes but loved to blame, which left the fear etched on her face when she came out an eternity later and walked past without a word.

REACH OUT TO STOP VIOLENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY...You're the one who heard the cries of the boy in the room, who hid from your eyes till you talked of the hurt that had cut up his life when his brother died, leaving a boy in the ground and ink in the headlines and a hole in his family even hate couldn't fill.

TO MAKE THE PEACE, START AT HOME...You're the one who woke to the siren that the ambulance made which ripped the calm till they got to the home and knelt by the side of someone you knew, who'd been hit in the back and the mind and the heart for years and tears and no one had heard until the siren.

Promoting Peace...Understanding Differences

"You're the one who can make the peace" and CYVIC, the Mayor's Community Response Team and the Diversity Council are honored to help facilitate that process. We're currently compiling happenings and opportunities where all residents of Olmsted County can come together to "promote peace and understand differences".

Please check back periodically as the "MAKE THE PEACE" Web Site continues to unfold.

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"Make the Peace" Campaign

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