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On Treasures & Traps

A good way to give the characters an opportunity to gain treasure without creating a imbalance in the game is to intermix real treasure, fake treasure, and traps such as in my examples below which may be used in your campaign.

- There is a chest containing treasure in a pool of what seems to be water. The problem can be anything from the pool being acid to the water being full of pirahnas.

- A valuable or magic item such as a jeweled sword hanging on the wall or a silver statue in the middle of the room can be protected by such as this. If the item is taken the ceiling begins to come down. If the item is put back the ceiling goes back up or if the item is somehow replaced...

- There is a throne (or chair of some sort) which if sat on moves back into the wall. As soon as the character gets out of the throne a gate drops trapping the character. Also in the room is a stone treasure chest full of gold coins. If all the coins are put on the throne the gate lifts or if the character sits on the throne (unfortunately only putting the gold on the throne, or bending the bars of the gate will allow escape)

- A valuable crown sits on top of a pedestal with six holes in the sides. The crown is protected by a forcefield which can only be deactivated by pushing a button in one of the holes. Unfortunately pushing the wrong button will cause the players hand to be cut off.

- There is a treasure chest on the other side of a deep pit. After much work to get to the chest the characters find it empty (actually if they fall or climb into the pit they will find the skeleton of the treasures thief along with the treasure its self.

- There is a statue of a ogre (or similar menacing monster) standing in front of a locked chest of treasure. If the treasure is disturbed in any way the ogre comes to life and attacks

-There is a chest on the other side of a drawbridge. There are two cranks in front of it. If the wrong crank is turned, a poision arrow trap is triggered.If the correct crank is turned, the gates open, but the arrow is triggered anyways.

-Gravity room once the players enter they are instantly sucked into the middle of the room. The only way out is to run in one direction and as they are pulled back use the momentum to run that direction and thus gaining more momentum until they have enough to exit the room.

Send in your fiendish tricks + traps and I will add them to my page!