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Magefire's Spell Book


Lv:5                          Components:S
Range:1"+1"/lv                Casting Time:1 round
Duration:Special              Saving Throw:Neg.
Area of Effect:1 creature

Explaination/Description:This spell causes the creature concentrated on to begin choking. The creature gets an initial save vs. the spells effects, but if the save fails the creature is almost entirely at the mercy of the caster. The spell does 1d6 choking damage/round until the creature is free. The creature can be freed by a successful attack on the wizard who cast the spell. While under the spells effects the victim can not move. The victim has the same effects as if a Hold Person were cast. This spell does have the requirement that the creature be humanoid in shape and the creature must have a neck. The creature will die from a broken neck if not freed before 10 rounds is over. After 10 rounds the creature dies, it does not matter how many hit points remained.